How to Make a Headboard With Embedded Nightstands

by MakingStuff
4 Materials
2 Hours
This is a simple woodworking project and you don't need to many tools, it is very practical and you can add as many shelfs as you want and they work as Nightstands also!
STEP 1: First thing you need it to decide the length want the headboard to be, in this case we bought 4, 8 ft long board and decided not to cut it so it is longer than the bed.
STEP 2: from a 4'' x 1'' by 6' cut in half, using glue and nails (you could also use screws) attached together the 8' boards from the gap leaving a gap between them that needs to be the same thickness of the boards. You can use a scrap pease while nailing (or screwing) to have a perfect gap. TIP: the location of the 2 thing boards can be place having in mind the location of the studs of the wall for when it gets screw to it. (see step 4)
STEP 3: cut 1, 1 in. x 12 in. x 4 ft in 4 equal boards. that will become the shelfs. If you want more shelves get another 1 in. x 12 in. x 4 ft in pine board and make as many as you want. :)
STEP 4: you could sand but this pine boards are really nice already. Use any stain of your preference, in our case it was danish oil. It looks really nice! :D
STEP 4: Use a level when screwing it to the studs (TIP: the iPhone has a app that works as a level). Screw through the the thing boards that hold the big boars together that were place having in mind this step. (see next image)
STEP 5: place the shelves previously stain just like the headboard in between the board. It should be a tight fit for it to hold! you could add as many shelves as well as as many boards in the back. You could do it all the way to the roof if need it! It could look AMAZING! And thats it, Simple! :D
Suggested materials:
  • Pine Boards   (Home Center)
  • Danish Oil   (Home Center)
  • Screws   (Home Center)
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  • Rockie Rockie on Aug 17, 2017

    I'm so glad to see someone post about this type of headboard. Ikea used to have this type of headboard. For your shelves....did you attach them permanently in place, or are you able to move them around? Would they be strong enough to support about 50 lbs? I've always wanted to do a very large wall like this, but be able to move and reposition the shelves.

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  • Millies_mom47 Millies_mom47 on Aug 17, 2017

    Yes don't worry about your grammar it's not that important you got your point across and who cares what they say. Now my reason for commenting is this. At our local Home Depot they have pre-sanded and beautifully prepped shelves made of pine. So to do this project I would just have to go and buy the shelves in the extra lengths that it comes in and just use my circular saw to cut them to length. Saving much time and effort if I choose to do so. Then I'd have everything ready to stain or paint or whatever I choose to use as a finish. Love your idea, it's simple and quick and could be done in a few hours. Perfect for those who are always in a hurry either because of family responsibilities or just because of life. Great Idea, and nicely done!!

  • Sheryl Monaspa Sheryl Monaspa on Aug 04, 2023

    Just lovely. Do you mind if I share the process and the results with a small TG channel at Welcome to join too, love your work!