Pumpkin Arch DIY | How to Illuminate Your Porch for Halloween

Looking to take your Halloween porch decor to the next level? Dive into this DIY project and learn how to craft a creepy pumpkin arch that will have your neighbors in awe. In this step-by-step guide, I'll walk you through the process of transforming ordinary pumpkins into a stunning Halloween Archway illuminated with lights.

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Get ready to amaze your visitors with this unforgettable holiday decoration that will cast a spellbinding ambiance on your porch.

Tools and Materials:

Before we begin, gather these essentials:

Apply gold paint to pumpkin

1. Transforming the Pumpkin

To kick-start your eerie creation, take the pumpkins and apply a coat of gold paint to give them a dazzling sheen.

How to craft a spooky Jack-o'-lantern arch for Halloween

Once dry, sketch a spooky face.

Halloween decor ideas

Use a hot knife to carefully carve out the features.

Step-by-step guide for making a pumpkin archway

Accentuate the edges with a touch of black paint to add depth and contrast to your pumpkin's expressions.

Carved out Jack-o-lanterns

Repeat these steps until you have a variety of carved pumpkins.

This step is all about infusing personality into your arch, so let your creativity shine!

Drill the top of the pumpkins

2. Building the Arch Structure

Drill large holes at the top and bottom of the pumpkins that will be placed on the 2 vertical poles.

Drill the bottom of the pumpkins

Drill holes at the sides of the pumpkin for the top horizontal pole of the archway.

These pipes will be the backbone of your arch.

Insert the pvc pipes into the drilled holes in the pumpkins.

Thread your pumpkins onto the pipes.

Use pool noodles as spacers

To maintain uniform spacing between each Jack-o-lantern, use cut pool noodles as spacers along the PVC pipes.

Cover the spacers with faux fall leaves

Disguise the pool noodle spacers with faux fall greenery.

DIY pumpkin arch tutorial for Halloween porch

Once you're satisfied with the placement, slide the whole assembly into an urn and secure it firmly.

Create the arch by connecting the pipes with elbow connectors

Use PVC elbow corners to shape your pumpkin-adorned pipes into a haunting arch. These pvc fittings provide stability and structure to your archway, ensuring it stands tall throughout the Halloween season.

Use recycled materials to fill the urns

Fill up the urn with recycled paper and bags.

String fairy lights through the holes in the pumpkin

4. Illuminating the Magic

Infuse enchantment into your Pumpkin Arch by adding magical lights. Weave string lights through the holes in the pumpkins. When these lights are on they will allow the golden pumpkins to radiate an otherworldly glow.

Cover the top of the planters with moss
Transform pumpkins into haunted archways

5. Finishing Touches

Cover the top of the planters with dried grasses or moss.

To truly elevate the spookiness of your arch, add your personal flair. Consider incorporating eerie accents like faux cobwebs, sinister spiders, or even a faux raven perched atop.

Halloween porch decor

These holiday decorations will add depth and intrigue to your display, making it an unforgettable sight.

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Creepy Halloween archway

Step-by-Step Guide: Building a Pumpkin Arch

And there you have it – your very own Pumpkin Archway that stands as a testament to your Halloween creativity. This DIY project fuses artistry with innovation, resulting in a Halloween porch decor that's bound to impress.

Jack-o-lantern Halloween Archway

Ready to embark on this enchanting journey? Share your thoughts, experiences, and questions in the comments section.

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  • Katen Katen on Oct 19, 2023
    First time I’ve seen this. LOVE it 100% cooler than pumpkin buckets plus your imagination shines thru. Going shopping on the first to gather clearance pumpkins for next year. And I have really cool lights (purple, orange, green on hand to illuminate. Thanks for sharing