5 Cute Scarecrow Crafts to Add to Your DIY Fall Decor

What captures the spirit of harvest season more than a scarecrow? Here, we're sharing our collection of scarecrow crafts that will add a farmhouse touch to your DIY fall decor.

From a burlap sack turned into a scarecrow wreath to repurposing a Tide Pods container into a scarecrow face, these projects offer creative ways to celebrate the season.

Each project comes with detailed instructions and ways to personalize for your own style, so you'll be ready to usher in autumn with your own custom scarecrow decorations.

DIY scarecrow face wreath

1. DIY scarecrow face wreath

First up, The Crafty Pumpkins show us how to turn a burlap sack into a cute scarecrow wreath for fall. Cut the burlap sack to fit a pumpkin frame and stick it on with glue and clamps. Add black twine to make it look like pumpkin sections. Make the scarecrow's hat from black felt and foam board, securing it with glue and clamps.

Use raffia for its hair. Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth from felt, sew around the nose, and use twine for the mouth. Decorate the hat with fabric, flowers, leaves, and ribbon, sticking them on with glue.

This fall wreath is ready to bring autumn cheer!

Tide Pod scarecrow

2. Tide Pod scarecrow

Repurpose your empty Tide Pods container into an adorable scarecrow face with this DIY project by Chloe Crabtree.

Begin by removing the label through soaking, then spray-paint the container white before adding a tan layer for a straw-like texture. Use acrylic paint pens to create a cute face, complete with rosy cheeks and pupils. Craft raffia hair bundles tied tightly and attach them with a glue gun, encircling the container.

Let creativity guide you as you customize the scarecrow, and trim excess raffia for a polished look. The result is an endearing scarecrow decoration, perfect for fall displays alongside pumpkins and hay bales.

Waste paper basket scarecrow

3. Waste paper basket scarecrow

Chloe Crabtree also has another great scarecrow craft up her sleeve. This time, she shows us how to make a cute scarecrow using a Dollar Tree wastebasket as the base, utilizing easily available supplies like black buttons, felt shapes, raffia, a scarecrow hat, fall ribbon, spray paint, and your trusty glue gun.

Thread large black buttons with twine for eyes and secure them to the wastebasket's mesh. Layer pumpkin felt cutouts with hot glue for a sturdy nose, and create a bat-shaped smile by trimming and attaching felt with hot glue. Enhance the look with raffia bundles for a straw-like appearance and top it off with a hat.

This DIY project is an excellent way to prepare for fall, bringing cozy scarecrow decor to your home with ribbon and pumpkins for the perfect finishing flourish.

Scrap wood scarecrow craft

4. Scrap wood scarecrow craft

Next up, Chas' Crazy Creations demonstrates how to make a scarecrow craft out of scrap wood. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays as part of your fall decor, this DIY project is simple and fun. From sanding the wood and mapping out sections to adding details like button eyes, a bandana, and straw hair, each step brings your scarecrow to life.

5. DIY scarecrow wreath

Get ready to craft a unique fall scarecrow wreath with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Nick Kreticos. Starting with a simple evergreen wreath, you'll learn how to transform it into a rustic wreath that's perfect for autumn.

With steps that include cutting and arranging mesh, adding burlap ribbon and raffia, attaching a straw hat, incorporating faux sunflowers, and even adding children's jeans to create dangling legs, this wreath is both fun and festive.

Scarecrow crafts for fall

We hope these cool scarecrow crafts inspire you to create your own seasonal decor. Which of these projects was your favorite? Let us know down in the comments.

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