Reversible Fall to Winter Wreath

6 Materials
2 Hours
With just a flip, you can change your wreath from fall to winter!
For this wreath, I used lathing strips; however, you can use pallet wood to make a stand alone, larger decoration.
Measure your wood to determine the height of your wreath. I cut 4 lathing strips in half using a utility knife.

Place the pieces together so you have 8 pieces side by side.
Cut a piece of wood for his hat brim (at an angle) and another piece to the width of the 8 pieces.
Using a staple gun and 1/2" staples, staple the hat brim and bottom cross piece to your 8 pieces of lathing strips.
Flip the piece over and add another hat brim (diagonal piece) to this side.
Now you're ready to paint!
On the side without the wood at the bottom, paint a scarecrow.
Paint the hat brown. I did a wash (water + paint) for my hat.

Now for the face.
Add eyes. A great way to make perfect eyes is by using the cap of your paint container. To make oval eyes, trace the cap's top edge, move the cap down about 1/2", then trace the other edge of the cap. Connect the two half circles with a line.
Paint the eyes black.
To make the nose, draw a triangle and paint orange. When the paint is dry, trace the nose in black.
Add a mouth. I made a curly mouth and added dash marks so it looked like it was sewn on. You can either use black paint or a Sharpie to draw the mouth.

Add twinkle to the eyes using white paint. An easy way to make perfect circles for the twinkle - dip the end of your paint brush into white paint and dab where you want the twinkle.
Allow the paint to dry.
Now flip your pallet around and paint a snowman.
Paint his hat black and his face white.
Allow to dry.
Add round eyes by tracing the bottom of your paint bottle, a carrot nose, and a mouth with pink cheeks.
Don't forget the twinkle to the eyes and cheeks ;)
Allow to dry.
Hot glue your choice of decorationt to the hat brim.
To hide the wood at the bottom, make a scarf by hot gluing a piece of material or a real scarf over the piece of wood.
Staple one piece of paddle/thin wire to each corner.
Using the wire, attach the scarecrow/snowman to the wreath.
Add fall ribbon and decorations/picks to the wreath on the scarecrow side. Hot glue the scarf to the wreath on the snowman side.

Add a ribbon or wire at the top to hang.

I also hot glued a bandanna to his "neck".
Now add some pumpkins and mums and your fall porch is complete.

When fall is over, simply add a winter ribbon and decorations/picks and flip your wreath for a snowy hello.

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