A Lick of Paint

Most bathroom tile ideas involve making wholesale replacements, but Hometalker Janel Hutton has taken a subtler approach. By painting over tiles, you can spruce up your bathroom without ripping out all the existing tiles. Janel used two coats of refinishing paint for the white parts and grey craft paint for the stripe, with clear sealer on top to finish off the white bathroom tile. Get tutorial here

A Shower of Paint

Through painting, you can make your bathroom shower tile ideas a reality with minimal effort. Once the tiles have been cleared and scoured, the target area can be tackled with a roller brush for the main and a smaller brush for the finer parts. Once all of the coats have been applied, the shower can look brand new again. Get tutorial here

A Clever Use of Stencils

This technique from Hometalker Elizabeth might require a good bit of patience and stamina. However, the beautifully-finished ceramic tile shows that it’s worth the effort. After cleaning, sanding, primer and paint, the floor is ready for decoration with a stencil. You can buy a stencil online or make your own if you feel daring. Get tutorial here

Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas

The right floor tile can make a bathroom look so much bigger and brighter. That’s exactly what one commenter posted in response to Kaysi Gardner’s cool grey tile. This Hometalker was unhappy with the existing linoleum, but this new design shows how grey bathroom tile ideas can create a sleeker vibe more in keeping with the rest of the bathroom décor. Get tutorial here

Tiling on a Budget

Any skeptics who think changing your bathroom tile requires a big budget should meet Hometalker Pam. Pam used a foam brush and a can of Minwax oil-based black wood stain to cover the existing white tile, before an old cloth and some elbow grease took off the excess. Sealed with clear polyurethane, this simple measure is an effective way to maximize resources that you might have lying around. Get tutorial here

Out with Carpet, In with Tiles

The Chirping Frog underwent an unusual project in replacing bathroom carpets with tiles. This left the Hometalker bemused as to why the previous owner chose carpets over any bathroom floor tile ideas. Because it is a remodel rather than a new construction, purchasing a tool to work specifically around the door frame is advisable. This grey bathroom tile idea looks sharp and snazzy. Get tutorial here

Tile Stickers: Easy But Effective

If you're short of bathroom tile ideas, stickers might be the answer. Hometalker Lynne purchased tile stickers from SnazzyDecal to create an elegant floor in a straightforward manner. Unsurprisingly much easier to install than actual tiles, these stickers are waterproof and resistant to scratches. They are even removable if the designing itch needs to be scratched again. Get tutorial here

A Hexagon Hack for the Perfect Finish

Hexagons are one of the most popular small bathroom tile ideas as they make the room feel larger. However, their shape also presents practical problems around the walls and bathroom suite. Hometalker Camille Walker details a simple but effective solution: using the construction adhesive Gorilla Glue can finish off tiles up against baths or walls, allowing trim pieces to remain firmly locked in place. Get tutorial here

An Easy Way to Tile

The right tile can define a bathroom, but getting the right tile in can be an intimidating concept. Hometalker Brittany offers an easy route to a professional-looking tile, using MusselBound adhesive and a tile float to achieve this lovely mosaic effect. This is a great intro to tiling for beginners, while the finished product looks like the work of a veteran craftsperson.  Get tutorial here

Making a Mosaic to Brighten the Bathroom

Hometalker Kati has taken the novel approach of using four larger tiles to make a mosaic. The use of a darker border tile juxtaposed with the white tile works to make this small bathroom feel that much grander and brighter. However, the mosaic is the most outstanding piece of innovation, a classy touch that demands attention and ranks among the smartest bathroom tile design ideas. Get tutorial here

Subway Tile Bathroom Idea

Subway tiles have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. That’s no surprise when looking at how these subway tiles can create a classy atmosphere with such a simple design. Especially when paired with a stylishly dark palette, subway tiles can create a bathroom that will stand the test of time. Who would have thought that the New York subway décor would inspire so many subway tile bathroom ideas? Get tutorial here

Create Style with Subway Tile

Subway tiles don’t have to be an expensive solution. This Hometalker used beveled subway tile on sheets in the bathroom, creating that distinctive subway tile pattern. These aqua glass tiles create a lovely and understated feel. While no individual component here is expensive, that classic subway tile alignment can make the bathroom feel much more grandiose. Get tutorial here

Building a Brick Effect

For those seeking to achieve a rustic atmosphere in the bathroom, a brick tile floor is perfect. The method is much the same as for regular bathroom floor tile ideas, with backerboard used to create an even surface for laying. Deploying the brick tiles in a herringbone pattern is a sure-fire way to wow visitors, helping to ensure the bathroom maintains the style of the rest of the house. Get tutorial here

A Tile Effect That Rocks

If bricks aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then stone might be the answer. You might want to take inspiration from Hometalker Jenny in using stone pebble tiles, which gives the bathroom a distinctive vibe. An attractive look is achieved by the pebble effect, although make sure you use stone sealer a week after laying just to maintain a timeless shine on the tiles. Get tutorial here

Taking A Modern Approach to Tiling

This luxurious approach to tiling could almost make the bathroom the centerpiece of your house. Creative use of two types of tile, as well as metal and glass inserts, can trick the eye into believing something is far more complex than it is. The room almost feels larger as a result, which makes this type of design worth considering when looking for bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms. Get tutorial here

Bringing the Spa to Your Bathroom

Some of the best baths are in spas, so why not bring that sensation home? Hometalker Kaysi fitted white tiles to the front of the bath, added long mosaic tiles to the backsplash and painted the area around the bathtub. These simple steps added together evoke that spa atmosphere, no doubt making for a much more relaxing bath at home. Get tutorial here

Tiling Around Your Mirror

Sometimes we don’t think enough about the design potential of a mirror. Hometalker Morgan has displayed a wonderful method for accessorizing a functional item. If you’re inheriting a bathroom with a generic mirror in place, adding a tile frame can put your stamp on the bathroom décor without putting a huge dent in your budget. Get tutorial here

Small Bathroom Tile Idea

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean there’s no space for creativity. Hometalker Wendi uses a mixture of slate and glass tiles to create a jaunty yet elegant surrounding for the bath. Using Schluters to edge the glass subway tiles ensures that this small bathroom tile idea gets the perfect finish, which is even more important when space is at a premium. Get tutorial here

Glass Tile Accent Wall Ideas

Different textures will definitely add some character to your bathroom. Kirsten S installed a glass tile accent wall in the master bathroom to add a real element of luxury. The final effect is the result of hours of labor, although the work itself is relatively straightforward. This is one of the best examples of using a simple tiling method to make a bathroom look stylish. Get tutorial here