Vaseline & Sugar Trap: How to Keep Pests at Bay the Natural Way

Today, I've got a handy DIY project that will help you bid farewell to those pesky ants and cockroaches without resorting to harsh chemicals or expensive exterminators.

We're going to whip up a homemade sugar trap incorporating a simple yet effective ingredient: Vaseline.

Sugar ant trap DIY

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Tools and Materials:

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How to get rid of cockroaches

1. Prepare Your Trap

First things first, grab a small bowl or container.

Now, scoop out some petroleum jelly and fill the container about halfway.

Homemade sugar ant trap

2. Add Some Sweet Temptation

To lure those unwanted guests into our trap, we're going to sweeten the deal (quite literally). Sprinkle a bit of sugar into the Vaseline and give it a good mix.

Cockroach and ant traps homemade

3. Strategically Place Your Traps

Now comes the fun part—strategically placing your traps where the insects are most likely to roam. Think along baseboards, near entry points, or anywhere you've spotted those critters scuttling about.

Roach and ant traps DIY

4. Check and Refresh

Keep an eye on your traps and empty them periodically as needed. Simply scoop out the old petroleum jelly mixture and replace it with a fresh batch. This ensures that your traps remain effective in keeping those pests at bay.

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Vaseline in doorway

Roach and Ant Traps DIY Tutorial

With these DIY cockroach and ant traps, you can say goodbye to chemical-laden sprays and hello to a pest-free home the natural way.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Remember, a little creativity goes a long way in tackling household pests.

Frequently asked questions
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  • Rai99894769 Rai99894769 on Mar 26, 2024
    How can I keep rats out of my chicken feeder?
  • Roxy Roxy on Mar 26, 2024
    How does this method work? Do the ants and cockroaches eat it, walk away and die later, or do they just get stuck in it and then die? Or does it do just what the title claims - keep the bugs "at bay" in some magical way? Has it worked for you? Do you answer any questions?
  • Corinna Agee Corinna Agee on Mar 26, 2024
    So do the ants die? Or just get stuck?
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  • Linda Linda on Mar 26, 2024
    You're absolutely right,forgot about that.
  • Diane Nusser Diane Nusser on Mar 26, 2024
    I use Max-Catch sticky traps. I can easily see what is caught. It's mostly water bugs that we bring in with the fire wood. But in the spring we catch the ants! The best thing it did was catch a baby snake at the basement door. I was not happy about killing a snake but it was better than having snakes in the basement! 😮