Add a decorative wood panel to a bathroom window

Convert an outdoor decorative screen panel into a pretty bathroom window privacy screen. You'll need to saw it to size, add hinges and paint. Get tutorial here

Cut and stick cling film

Get a contact paper look without permanently sticking with cling film with this simple DIY. Follow the detailed steps to avoid bubbles . Get tutorial here

Create a faux stained glass look

Mix decoupage glue sealer (gloss finish) & food coloring. Using small swooping strokes, cover a door or window with the mixture for a pretty stained glass finish. Get tutorial here

DIY PVC pipe decorative wall art panels

Use various sized PVC pipes and epoxy to create a unique way to add privacy to open areas in your home. Follow the video tutorial to execute this right! Get tutorial here

Use cardstock and a shower curtain

Shape, then spray paint cardstock. Use spray adhesive and make a pattern with the cardstock on the doors. Cut a shower for a privacy film. Get tutorial here

Apply decorative contact paper to doors

A budget-friendly way to add privacy. Cut out shapes from frosted contact paper and apply a design to any door or window. Get tutorial here

Etch your glass windows

1-2 hours, a stencil, glass etching cream, a glass etching brush, and a stencil adhesive is all you'l need to create beautiful etched glass. Get tutorial here

Draw and paint frosted window art

Sketch the inside of a door as you wish, then paint with multi-surface paint. Finish it off with Mod Podge and Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter Paint. Get tutorial here

Apply Gallery Glass Window Color

Create privacy, but still let sun in with Gallery Glass Window Color. Apply layers, swirling with your fingertips for a clean and crystal looking finish. Get tutorial here

Repurpose floor registers as door window accents

A super creative and decorative DIY. Spray paint registers and use nails and upholstery tacks to hang onto the windows of a wood entry door. Get tutorial here

Stencil a screen door

Jazz up a screen door by paiting with stencils and acrylic paint. Use any pattern and color you desire to make it your own. Get tutorial here