Make a hanging bedroom wall display

Hang command hooks to a bedroom wall, knot twine and attach to each hook. Use mini clothespins to hang your child's art. Functional and decorative! Get tutorial here

Dedicate a wall in your craft room or home office

Display your child's art by hanging poplar wood boards. Stain 3 boards, finish with a satin polyurethane. Use rope & clips to hang art. Get tutorial here

Build a living room display from pine boards

Paint pine boards, then drill onto living room wall. Add clothespins (paint in any color you chose). Clip on the art for an organized and decorative look. Get tutorial here

Upcyle a table and frames

Paint old frames and hang an old table top to display art in a kid's bedroom. On the back of each frame, tie twine & add mini clothespins to the twine. Get tutorial here

Create an activity and display wall

Make a 3 section activity and dispaly wall with: A galvanized steel sheet (magnetic!), chalk paint (hours of fun!) and regular paint (display art!). Get tutorial here

Duck Tape sheet protectors

Do it together! A kid friendly DIY: Apply decorative Duck Tape to sheet protectors to create interchangeable frames. Get tutorial here

Turn frames into a farmhouse styled kitchen display

Secure cork tiles into frames. Use command tape to hang onto kicthen cabinets. Hang art with pushpins. A lovely decorative addition for a kitchen. Get tutorial here

Use empty frames to showcase projects

Remove glass & backing from frames, attach roping or ribbon across back using hot glue. Hang on any wall as you wish. Use tiny clothespins to hang art. Get tutorial here

Repurpose clipboards into a fun display wall

Chalkpaint clipboards, let dry. Plan out where to hang with paper templates, then hammer in nails. Hang the clipboards and add art! Get tutorial here

Hang display boards in a bedroom

Hang display boards on a bedroom wall so your child can display their artwork. Use a men's pant hanger to hang the art. Get tutorial here