Give it an antique blue look with C2 Cadeau Paint

A great spring makeover idea! Freshen up a hutch with a warm, light blue from Cadeau Paint. Test the color, paint, sand and repeat. Get tutorial here

Apply paper embelishments for mid century modern look

Use chalk paint and a wax finish. Apply paper embelishments inside the cabinet and on the doors with mod podge for a lovely personalized touch. Get tutorial here

Upgrade a vaneer hutch with stain

Strip the veneer with a putty knife and a hair dryer, then sand. Dust, strip the stain, paint, strip again and seal. To finish line drawers & add hardware. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a hutch top into a farmhouse cabinet

Elbow grease needed to help repurpose a hutch top into a cabinet! Paint and distress with sandpaper, then wax. Add legs, poultry wire and new hardware. Get tutorial here

Brighten up a room with a floral green hutch

Create a customized hutch. Apply wood stain to the doors and draw on your own decorative floral accents. Stain with a dark wax to finish. Get tutorial here

Transform yours into a two-toned beauty

Get a gorgeous hutch by painting 3 coats of white paint and staining the doors with whatever choice of stain you like. Be sure to prep well first. Get tutorial here

Paint a velvet finish for a timeless look

No sanding or waxing required for this makeover when using Velvet Finish products! Use paint, glaze, metallic enhancer and a polycrylic sealant. Get tutorial here

Use a transfer for a farmhouse makeover

A transfer, new hardware and the fine details turn this hutch into a classic farmhouse beauty. Get tutorial here

Flip a hutch upside down for a new look

Get really creative and makeover a hutch by flipping it over. Give it a country feel with Dixie Belle chalk paint in barn red. Get tutorial here

Keep it in it's natural beauty with this makeover

Update a hutch while keeping it's natural beauty. Wash and scrub the wood well, then let dry in sun. Paint the interior panels white for a bit a color. Get tutorial here

Turn a broken down hutch into a mid century beauty

This stunning makeover looks like it was purchased from a high end furnuture store! Get the look by glazing & a semi-gloss clear coat to finish. Get tutorial here