That Spare File Cabinet

Turn a boring office file cabinet into a chic work desk, by throwing on some paint & legs! Get tutorial here

A Wooden Crate

Turn a plain ole crate into a functional storage ottoman by adding legs and a cover. Get tutorial here

A Knock-off Designer Piece

A bookcase is nice, but raise it up on Mid Modern style legs? Instant accent piece. Get tutorial here

Your Snowy Front Door Decor

You need just a sliver of a knobby table leg for Frosty's iconic carrot nose. Get tutorial here

Wood Slices

Make different sized plant stands by adding loose legs to wide wood slices. Get tutorial here

Kid's Room Book Shelves

Make a cheap bookshelf look expensive, with some DIY custom legs in bright yellow! Get tutorial here

A Tired Kitchen Island

Not only is a blocky island plain looking, it steals seating space. Legs are the solution! Get tutorial here

An Abandoned Cabinet

Add a bit of height to an abandoned glass cabinet, to turn it into a useful display case. Get tutorial here

Free Pallets

Make a pretty and practical table from a free pallet and some chunky furniture legs. Get tutorial here

Travel Trunks

Instead of using these to stow stuff away, show them off as super chic table space! Get tutorial here

Your Garden

Add a breathtaking ornament to your garden by pairing table legs and an old ceiling fan. Get tutorial here

Your Christmas Tree

So they're not furniture legs, but they do add a shock of style and delight - Happy holidays! Get tutorial here