5 Ways to Kill Weeds With Stuff You Have Around the House

by HouseLogic.com
Want to avoid chemicals to kill weeds? Here are ways to stop weeds with weapons you already have.
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1. Newspaper. It blocks sunlight and oxygen from reaching the soil. Cover the newspaper with mulch. And add more layers if weeds pop up.

2. Old shower curtains and carpet samples. Spread in garden paths or between rows. Cover with mulch.

3. Corn gluten meal. This corn by-product stops seeds from growing into weeds. So use it around established plants After harvest, spread the meal to prevent late-season weeds.

4. Vinegar. The acetic acid in 5% vinegar sucks the life out of plant leaves. It's most destructive to young plants with immature roots. For tough weeds, you might need a stronger vinegar solution (20%).

Tip: To target the vinegar so you don't spray the plants you want to keep, cut the bottom out of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle and put it around the weed. Then spray vinegar into the bottle so there's no splatter.

5. Vodka. Mix 1 ounce with 2 cups of water and a couple of drops of dish soap to dry out weeds that live in the sun. Doesn't work that well on shade-loving weeds. Protect your good plants, because vodka will dry them out, too.

Have you tried any of these treatments? Was it worth it?

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  • What about those humungous dandelions ( in amongst the grass), that seem immortal?

  • Kim Kim on May 17, 2019

    Do you know how to kill creeping Charlie? I've spent a small Fortune on all types of killers. Besides borax, I want to keep the good grass that I do have

  • Brenda Cochran Haley Brenda Cochran Haley on Jan 23, 2020

    Our yard is covered with stickers. Our pets are having a hard time going out to use the bathroom. Any advice?

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  • Sophia Sophia on Jul 08, 2018

    the paper, even heavy black plastic won't stop bamboo. Trust me, it grows right through heavy black plastic. I have been unable to kill it no matter what I do.

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    • Sue Sue on May 20, 2021

      From the US here. Before pandemic we laid old pond liner (heavy THICK) black plastic and covered w mulch. Also big dog decided one part was good to pee. Still have crop of weeds strong as before!

      BTW re bamboo: for past year have switched to bamboo toilet paper. Sounds rough but isn't. Renewable resource and—bonus, the tube at core is also bamboo and so strong. White and clean. Great for storing electric cords or for kid games. Easy to paint on and build with!

  • Lila A Lila A on May 19, 2020

    I would be very careful with laying newspaper near your plants or trees. The ink in newspaper can be very toxic to some sensitive plants. I actually tried this in my front yard and ended up killing 2 beautiful expensive trees.