no chemical adhesive remover

No-Chemical Adhesive Remover

We've all been there. You take a label off a bottle or jar for a DIY project and you're stuck with that sticky adhesive that won't come off.

draft stopper

Draft Stopper

Fall is here and you may be feeling some drafts under your doors. This is a simple, inexpensive way to stop those drafts. I used some leftover fabric and a couple of bags of rice. Here's the "How-To":First, cut your fabric a little longer than the width of your door & 8 inches wide. With right sides together, stitch around 3 sides. I made 2 lines of stitching for a little extra security for all of that rice!

the water logged china cabinet

The Water-Logged China Cabinet

August 18, 2018Here's the back story on this piece... The storage unit we rented was in an old factory and they were cleaning-out. When we arrived with the movers (same company) I spotted the china cabinet that had been left out in the rain for a loooong time. It was warped, split, peeling, and had no glass. Since I'm an id!@t...ahem, love a challenge, I offered to buy it. The owner told me to take it - no charge.

vintage screen replacement

Vintage Screen Replacement

If you live in an old house, chances are you have some old windows with old screens...The wooden ones that have strips of wood around them? They are a whole different story when it come to replacing the damaged screens. Take a look:

clean painted hinges with no chemicals

Clean Painted Hinges With No Chemicals

I had some hinges that were painted and varnished and wanted them clean. Since I'm not a fan of chemicals, I went with this simple, chemical-free option.

no chemical oven cleaner

No Chemical Oven Cleaner

We were getting ready to move and the ovens really needed cleaning. That's right, I said 'ovens'. My 1959 stove had double ovens and they both needed cleaning.

2 medicine cabinet makeover

$2 Medicine Cabinet Makeover

One of the first inside projects I tackled in our new house was giving our bathroom medicine cabinet a makeover. It wasn't a bad medicine cabinet, just a little 'blah'. It also wasn't real wood, so I knew that any moisture from jars, etc. would take a toll on the surfaces.

spring grapevine wreath

Spring Grapevine Wreath

You may have heard about all the snow in the northeast. Fortunately, we didn't get as much as some areas, but the white stuff is still EVERYWHERE! Since Mother Nature seems to be off her meds again, I created a wreath to encourage her to deliver some Springtime weather.

pocket angel ornament

Pocket Angel Ornament

Have you been saving the pockets from old jeans? Here's a quick and easy Christmas project that will use up a few!

ornament wreath

Ornament Wreath

We spent Thanksgiving at our daughter's house this year and she always wants to try to do one 'crafty project' while we're together. This year, she wanted to make an ornament wreath, and if you ask me, she 'knocked it out of the park'.

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