DIY Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

A cozy night by the fire is the perfect end to a long day. What's better than enjoying a crackling fire outdoors? Check out Hometalk's slideshows of outdoor fireplaces to inspire your own. Not sure where to start? Check out our top, newest, and best outdoor fireplace projects to get some ideas and find what's right for you.

Outdoor Fireplace Tips
Follow the rules
Stick to the regulations of your area when designing and building a fireplace. Each area has its own set of planning rules and regulations.
Get an extinguisher
Put safety first when you have an outdoor fireplace and have a fire extinguisher nearby. You should also create a safety checklist.
Build with bricks
Build your fireplace using bricks for an old-school yet classic design. Bricks are fire resistant, making them a great choice of material.
Consider using stones
Stones are fire resistant, making them ideal for fireplaces. Limestone, granite, marble, slate, or travertine create a unique design.
Create a poolside fireplace
Incorporate your fireplace into a poolside design. This will show a unique style while giving guests a cozy space to dry off.
Top Projects for Outdoor Fireplaces

Check out our top outdoor fireplace projects. All the DIY you need right here.

Outdoor Fireplace Videos

We present you with our collection of DIY outdoor fireplace tutorial videos. Enjoy.

Fire Pit Upgrade for Under $25

I'm in the process of helping my sister spruce up her backyard and one of the things on her list was a fire pit. She had purchased a metal fire pit years ago but it wasn't in the greatest shape. She wanted to throw it away but I knew I could incorporate into a new pit.

Make Your Own Mini Firepit Out of Recycled Objects

Winter is here, and that means cold weather. What’s better when it’s cold out than curling up next to a warm fire? It is actually so easy to make your own mini firepit, and you probably already have most of what you need for it, anyway! Check out this tutorial, where I’ll walk you through creating your own gorgeous firepit.