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I live in Japan and this is my whole front yard! What you're looking at was almost all concrete and brick once! I didn't let that stop me though.
My house was actually a company building once with the exterior remodeled to look like a house. I fell completely in love with this house the second I stepped in it. The unconventional floor plan is amazing! The front of the house was a parking lot though! I busted out most of the concrete on this side and put down sod. I extended the planter under the bay window out with bricks and mortar and moved that Camellia tree up away from the house. I wanted more though!
I've always wanted a picket fence!
These are winter creepers.
I put in a second brick planter and added these lovely bushes.
I decided to make a flowerpot sidewalk. I said bye-bye to the grass for now and planted some creeping thyme. Creeping thyme blooms a beautiful purple color and I'm going for total ground cover.
I have 25 large flowerpots growing different kinds of flowers right now. With the right amount of attention they will grow like crazy. I am constantly deadheading, trimming and feeding my flowers. It's time consuming, but I enjoy it.
The other side of the front of my house is a potted tree garden. I successfully grow blueberries, mulberries, cassis berries, olives, oranges, plums and "Ume" Japanese plums.

I also have coffee plants that haven't flowered yet and a peach tree that isn't mature enough to give fruit.
I use a bonsai method on all of my potted trees. I do an awful lot of root trimming and I stick to a schedule. The goal is growing leaves and fruit, not roots. This method is a little intense and time consuming, but works so well.
All of my trees are on their own fertilizing and inspection schedule. I also have two pine trees and a couple cypresses, a couple bushes, a blue hydrangea, a young black Camellia, and an unbelievable amount of succulents.
Suggested materials:
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Patience
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  • Judy Mealy Judy Mealy on Jun 07, 2016
    I want to know more about the coffee plant,does it have the smell of coffee,how big does it get,many coffee beans,where can I buy one,thanks!

  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on Aug 13, 2017
    I love your passion for your garden in your property! We just bought a house and I have a very small front yard as well, the one plant you talked about is a wintercreeper. Is that a plant that still stays green in the winter and is ground cover... Meaning it doesn't look like weeds and looks like beautiful Lush plant life covering the ground. What did you put your fence post in with, are they just Loosely place in the ground or they in securely .I was just curious. Do you have any suggestions for someone who has never planted much but wants to do something with their front yard as far as ground cover that will keep it green in the summer as well as the winters in the east coast of the USA.... Maryland. Your yard and work is beautiful!!!

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  • DebraY DebraY on Oct 28, 2020

    I love your design, very creative and your potted trees are gorgeous! I am doing something similar in my Virginia townhouse front yard (no grass). I would rather have native plants, herbs and flowers. I'm 65 now and physically limited, so this works better for me.

  • Lisa Mcwhorter Lisa Mcwhorter on Feb 26, 2022

    I love everything you do on here Bryan. Although I really enjoy your yard work, all those gorgeous plants as I love flowers, and plants, but I'm 50 and have been disabled since I was 37and progressively am worsening with my limitations. Sucks royally , but I love seeing what you're doing, thanks so much for sharing. You are so creative love it!