11 Gorgeous Pictures That Prove Sloped Yards Are Better

Hometalk Highlights
by Hometalk Highlights
Up until know, you might have thought having a sloped backyard was a limitation - well, it's not. Actually, it's a blessing in disguise! Sloped yards create amazing opportunities for adding interest and unique features to your outdoor space. And if it sounds like we're just trying to appease those sloped yard owners, check out these ideas and see for yourself:

1. Turn your slope into a personal beach

Photo via Sunset Magazine
OK, you can gape now. You know you've never seen a backyard idea quite this cool, and it's all thanks to that natural sloping hill. Best part? The whole project was just $200!

2. Cover the slope with a grand staircase

Photo via Andrew @Scrappy Geek
Living at the top of a hill usually means you've got a gorgeous panoramic view. What better way to celebrate such a grand scene than with an elegant staircase leading from your house to your patio or yard.

3. Use the decline for a small waterfall pond

Photo via Pam @Our Adventures in Home Improvement
Spend your summer afternoons lounging by a beautiful, bubbling pond, thanks to that natural incline in your property. What did we tell you? Blessing in disguise!

4. Create multiple levels with your landscape

Photo via Switzer's Nursery and Landscaping, Inc.
Level out sections of your landscape at different heights and turn your outdoor area into separate parts that flow into each other through charming gates and flower-covered staircases.

5. Use trees and gardens to break up sections

Photo via Sue @Sullivan and Murphy
Add rows of trees and raised garden beds to separate each level stylishly without sacrificing your greenery. Plant borders are an excellent way to distinguish each corner on a budget.

6. Run a fountain through your natural slope

Photo via Sunset Magazine
Work together with the flow of your yard and add a cascading water feature to highlight the unique layout of your space.

7. Create a floral centerpiece for your yard

Photo via Lushome
Make a focal point for your outdoor space by turning the slope of a hill into the inspiration for a fun floral arrangement.

8. Put in a playscape

Photo via Remodelaholic
Thrill your kids by adding a rock climbing wall and a bumpy slide to your sloped yard. Thanks to your lopsided landscape, this DIY playscape will keep your children outdoors all day long.

9. Turn the side of a hill into an intimate garden grotto

Photo via Fine Gardening
Add a retaining wall to the side of your hill and fill the crevices with colorful plants and flower, to create the perfect romantic backdrop for your intimate grotto getaway.

10. Assemble a multi-level deck

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens
Top each level off with a beautiful wooden deck, perfect for displaying container gardens and throwing summertime soirees outside.

11. Experiment with clever garden ornaments

Photo via Pilgrim and Pie in France
OK, so your landscape doesn't work for every outdoor idea on Pinterest - but there are some outrageous outdoor decor ideas that you can only try with a sloped yard, so embrace the difference, and experiment!

Convinced? Let us know what sloped yard solution you liked best in the comments! And if you have a sloped space of your own, make sure to share your beautiful backyard below (pretty please)!
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