How To Paint Your Concrete Basement Floor to Look Like Slab Flagstone

Victoria Larsen Stencils
by Victoria Larsen Stencils
Ah yes... the dreaded basement floor and how we hate them. But yours can take on a high end appearance with these simple steps.
First, I have to tell you that the green you see on the floor here was not it's original color. Of course it was solid, icky gray. I mentioned to my husband that we should paint it before putting the house on the market. He agreed. I mentioned it needed to be primed first. He agreed.
So one night, as I slept... he did me the enormous favor of priming then painting the floor. When I woke in the morning, I was shocked to see he'd stayed up all night and painted it Green!!!! It reminded me of a football field! All I needed now were the goal posts and yard lines. (Bless his heart however!). I thanked him profusely.
Since the floor had already been primed, I didn't have to re-prime. All I needed now were 4 colors of porch and floor paint and a sea sponge. I used dark brown, rust brown, a cream color and opted for a sage green.
With a paint brush, I painted large "blotches" of rust, brown and green on the floor. One color right next to another color. I then used the sea sponge to blend, blend blend, until I could see variations of each color, but they would be blended softly in to one another. I dotted bits of cream color over the entire area just to add a bit of light variation and softly blended the cream as well.
What a huge difference the new finish made in the look of the floor. 4 coats of Varathane floor finish did the trick to seal all that beautiful color and protect the floor.

I really wanted to add a beautiful stenciled border to the entire floor against each wall, but I ran out of time before putting the house on the market.
After the house went on the market, I was told by my real estate agents that the basement floor got rave reviews! The house sold in just 8 weeks.
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