Repurposed Wire Spool Clock

by PaintedPetals
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I can't tell you how much I love these wire spool clocks , for those who may not know there the spools that hold large wires . My wood spools in particular are from a company that installs or updates celular towers. " pretty cool" so after finelly getting these huge spools home I quickly went to work .
So this is a spool I made into a table in my garage I just added some wheels on the bottom . Back to my project this is how it looked when I first got them home.
You see these bolts they have to be romeved in order to take the spool apart . Just use a wrench that's what I used .
This is what the bolts and long rod look like when you remove them from the spool . Honestly it can be intimidating it looks so hard but they came apart no problem . On a side note these Long rods work great in my garden to hold up plants .
First thing I did was wipe down the spool next I sanded lightly and removed any stables . Notice how the left side is darker that's because after cleaning I paint on a coat of sealer any sealer would wold work I purchased mine at michaels .
Next I placed vasiline in different areas this is to parent the paint from adhering and makes it easy to scrape off . thous process will give that chippy look we all love.
Next I use Rustoleum chalked paint to paint the outer edge .
This is with it halfway painted
Next I stained the interior of the circle with Rustoleum stain in Ebony .
I then drew on the letters after cutting them out on cardboard I used a sharpie this gives nice crisp lines .
Next I paint each letter with a black craft paint I had on hand .
I had my husband cut out a piece of wood for the center to hold the clock parts and arm . I later decided to cut a thin piece of wood to use instead and nail it to the clock. In the future I will add bolts to the front so it's easier to remove to change the battery .
When putting the backers on the back I make sure they are 16" apart this is very important because this clock is big and heavy so it must go in a stud . I'm most newer homes the studs are 16" apart .
Done I love it the clock is 42" round and weighs about 50lbs but I tell you it's like nothing you'll ever see in a store . Thank you for taking a look I hope you like it
Suggested materials:
  • Rustoleum chalked paint in linen , Rustoleum stain in Ebony ,sharpie ,   (Home Depot)
  • All purpose sealer   (Michaels craft store)
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  • Christine Christine on Nov 08, 2020

    Love it, very nice. Where did you buy the clock parts and arms please? I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find one that big!

  • Kim Kim on Nov 08, 2020

    Love it! I've had a spool top for about a year but can't find the clock hands and clock mechanism. Can you post the link? Also, what is the diameter of your spool?

  • Julia Mecham Bowen Julia Mecham Bowen on Apr 08, 2023

    Where did you find the clock mechanism? Can you please post the link?

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  • Melissa Melissa on Feb 09, 2018

    I've been looking for a clock like this but like others, no way my budget would accommodate it! I will definitely be making this with my crafty husband! 😃 Great job! Thanks!

  • Amy Timmerman Rhines Amy Timmerman Rhines on Oct 04, 2019

    We don't have a spool, so my hubby is putting pieces together to look like this. My son recently bought a farm house and picked this clock as the one he liked, his budget would not allow for the cost of the really nice farmhouse clocks, and my hubby can do them, I wish I had read the vasaline trick before we tried to figure out what you did to get that look. One for the memory bank, love your clock, and the idea of making your own stencil .