6 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Add Curb Appeal

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Homeownership comes with a unique set of challenges, and one of those is creating or maintaining a well-manicured front yard. No doubt that curb appeal makes a good impression, but not all front yards are created equal.

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Too much sun or shade, drought conditions, or poorly draining soil can wreak havoc on landscaping plants and lawns making it nearly impossible to keep everything looking tidy. Here are six front yard landscaping ideas that add curb appeal and simplify yard maintenance.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

While homeowners with small yards do spend less time behind a mower, making the most of such a small space can be difficult. Careful planning is important to keep small yards from becoming an overgrown jungle or a boring bare rectangle. Consider these small front yard landscaping ideas.

If your yard is located directly adjacent to a sidewalk or street, a traditional white picket fence makes an attractive boundary. 

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Bryan's Workshop)

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Utilize the small area in front of the fence by planting leafy border plants. Border plants soften the barrier between the sidewalk and fence and make the yard feel more inviting. 

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget (Bryan's Workshop)

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Using low-profile ground cover plants in the flowerbeds closest to the house is an attractive way to fill the space and make sure the plants don’t grow against the siding and cause mildew and rot. 

Small Front Yard Ideas (Bryan's Workshop)

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If your home has no front yard at all, why not make one? Begin your project by making a wish list and creating a drawing of all of your small front yard landscaping ideas. 

6 Tips Landscaping Tips For Small Yards (The Seasoned Homemaker)

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Be sure to account for the footprint of the house, mature trees, and existing porches or patios. Then, decide where you would like to add a path, grass, and additional ornamental plants. Working from a plan ensures that all of the elements of the design compliment each other in a cohesive way.

If you are working with a space that is a driveway or parking lot, you’ll need to remove the pavement first. 

Front Yard Landscape Transformation (Michelle Ferrari)

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Again, clearly define the new yard by installing a border fence. 

Front Yard Transformation (Michelle Ferrari)

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A charming entrance with an arbor serves double duty. The gate provides a bit of safety, and the arbor creates a proper foundation for climbing roses or other vining plants.

If you need to add a new path, a brick and cement walkway is always a classic choice.

Front Yard Ideas (Michelle Ferrari)

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Fill in the rest of the space with some flowering plants, a birdbath, and maybe even a potted tree or shrub. 

Front Yard Landscape Makeover (Michelle Ferrari)

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Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Trouble Spots

A common problem with mature landscaping, especially under trees, is dead grass. The area under full, leafy trees can be too wet, too dry, or even too shady to keep grass alive and thriving. If you are tired of giving that area special attention to no avail, one solution is to cover the area with bark chips or gravel instead.

Dig out the grass first, add a border of your choice, and then cover the area with a weed-suppressing ground cloth. 

Front Yard Project (Kathleen)

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The border can be a specific shape or a more free-form design. The configuration may be dictated by the amount of area that is affected, or it could merely be a personal style decision. 

Shaded Front Yard Fix (Jan Clark)

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After you’ve done the prep work, add the ground cover of your choice. Big box hardware stores sell gravel and wood chips by the bag, but local landscaping companies often sell both cheaper by the cubic yard. A small dump truck will drop a load off at your house in a designated spot. Then, you will be responsible for spreading the ground cover with a rake or shovel. Both tools work well

Perfect Landscape with Stones (Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch)

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Drought-resistant Landscaping and Xeriscaping

Not every climate naturally supports a lush lawn. Sometimes the best course of action is to eliminate grass altogether and fill in specific areas with gravel and drought-resistant plants and shrubs. Drought-resistant varieties of plants are watered with low-flow drip lines, but they can also survive in dry soil between waterings. This style of landscaping is called xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping is very common in the southwest deserts of the United States, and it is one of the most low-maintenance front yard landscape designs. 

Desert Southwest landscaping (The-Landscape-Design-Site.com)

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Even though it is natural to associate xeriscaping with very little vegetation, some drought-affected areas like California can support more verdant front yard landscaping plans as long as there are adequate drip lines installed directly under each plant. 

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas with Rocks (Lee Delaney)

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Also, while it is true that xeriscaping is most popular in the southwest deserts or California, it can also be a suitable choice for the arid climates in the north that have a short growing season. 

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas without Grass (Pascal Tremblay)

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Those areas of the country tend to have more overall rainfall, so sometimes quick-growing vegetables can substitute for drought-hearty plants instead.

Without a lawn to mow, homeowners can spend more time enjoying the summer instead of fighting weeks and wasting water.

More Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

All of the next front yard landscaping ideas require muscle and time, but they are simple to implement, and they add a significant amount of curb appeal.

If there is no separation between you and your neighbor, try defining the property line with a large flowerbed filled with perennials and mulch. (Perennials return year after year vs. annuals which need to be planted every year.) While keeping a straight line is best between properties, free-form boundaries for the rest of the area are interesting and prevent the landscaping from looking too severe. 

Front Yard Makeover (Confessions of a Serial DIYer)

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A flagstone path gives the whole space a lovely cottage feel. 

Front Yard Landscaping with Walkway (Confessions of a Serial DIYer)

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Speaking of paths, one of the best front yard landscaping ideas with rocks that we have seen is this recycled concrete walkway. The original path was uneven, and there was too much space between the pavers. 

Mosaic Walkway (Eileen Wuenstel Taylor)

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Hometalker Eileen dug out the dirt between the pavers and added smooth rocks, pottery pieces, and tiles to fill the gaps. 

Front Yard Mosaic Walkway (Eileen Wuenstel Taylor)

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With some hard work and creativity, she turned the original ankle-turning path into this showstopper. 

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Eileen Wuenstel Taylor)

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No doubt about it, having a tidy front yard boosts the curb appeal of your house which increases the property value. Any of these front yard landscaping ideas will help you create a yard that is attractive and easy to maintain. Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekends relaxing instead of mowing? Whether your house is located on a rural farm road or in a suburban housing development, these simple front yard landscaping ideas are perfect for a variety of climates and conditions. Be sure to pin this article for later, and if you complete one of these front yard landscaping ideas, we invite you to post your project on Hometalk. 

Written for the Hometalk community by: Stacy | BlakeHillHouse

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