Trompe L'oeil (Fool or Trick the Eye) Wall Painting

Lorna Wagner Hannett
by Lorna Wagner Hannett
3 Materials
10 Days
I did this wall painting several years ago after we remodeled our house by lifting it and putting a basement under it. This particular wall was at the end of a hallway at the bottom of the stairs. I thought it needed sprucing up...hanging a photo or painting wasn't cutting. it. I always wanted to try a Trompe L'oeil painting so I gave it a go. The photos aren't the best...didn't have a digital camera at the time.
This is the starting point. There are some reflection marks from the photos on the adjacent walls.
First thing I did was measure, measure, measure and then tape it off. Total outside measurement is 3 feet X 4 feet.
I started with the sky. I used artist grade paints and brushes. I am an artist and already had all the tools I needed on hand, so basically all this cost me was my time.
A more distant shot.
I knew I was going to do a window to the outside world and pretty much made it up as I went. I decided I needed a mountain in the distance.
Moving on to bring in the foreground....

Adding some trees.
I wanted to add a my kitty sleeping on the window sill. I drew her in, then taped off a portion of her, so I could paint the window sill and frame.
Adding the window frame and working on Missy.
Missy is finished, still working on the frame.
Finished frame closeups
Finished frame. I was going for a stained pine look to match our trim at the time.(baseboards, door frames, etc.)
Missy closeup
Completed window. I loved how this came out, so I did 3 more! One was 7' X 4'. Unfortunately I can't find those photos. To go out and buy the materials I used, I expect might cost around $50 - $75. For the time it took...I worked on this several hours a day, including evenings so it took about 10 days. This wasn't that difficult for me to do but I think you might want some art/drawing/painting experience to try it, so I'd say medium to advanced. Hope you like it! icon
Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic Artist grade paints   (Art Supply store)
  • Paint brushes, Artist style   (Art Supply store)
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  • Mayra Mayra on Nov 25, 2017

    WOW, that looks great. I love it. How long did it take to creat ? great idea

  • Jay Sharon Kettlewell Jay Sharon Kettlewell on Dec 05, 2017

    What would you charge for a month in Ohio to do a wall in my home?

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  • Jenny Jenny on Aug 13, 2021

    I would say advanced to hugely talented!!!!!!😊

  • DEE MCNEIL DEE MCNEIL on Feb 24, 2023

    I love this wall painting.

    I too am a painter and might try this except my walls are textured which might make it more difficult to paint.