1. Wood or MDF cabinets work best

Laminate cabinets are nearly impossible to paint, so check your cabinets beforehand. Get tutorial here

2. Remove the cabinets before you paint

It might be annoying, but this crucial step will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Get tutorial here

3. Mark each cabinet and keep it all lined up

Trust us when we say you don’t want to spend hours trying to match up cabinets again. Get tutorial here

4. Clean off any grease or oils

Your cabinets are dirty from use, and wiping off grease gives them a clean slate. Get tutorial here

5. De-gloss stained wood and glossy finishes

Your paint won’t stick if there’s something in between it and the wood. Get tutorial here

7. Scuff up your cabinets with a sander

This gives the paint something to adhere to and gets rid of any lasting grease or other oily substances. Get tutorial here

8. Prime it with a primer first

This helps give a neutral pallet for your paint color to shine, and it helps your paint stick. Get tutorial here

9. Remove knobs, handles, and hinges

You can either keep them paint free or you can spray paint them a new color, too. Get tutorial here

10. Give it a good seal when you’re done

Make sure your hard work lasts by applying a good sealer to it . Get tutorial here

11. Give yourself plenty of time

This is not something you tackle in a weekend, so plan ahead and expect it to take at least a week. Get tutorial here