Flip your file cabinet into a stunning piece

Change the look of your file cabinet with the contact paper of your choice! Get tutorial here

Refresh your medicine cabinet

Dress up a boring medicine cabinet by cutting contact paper over a cutting mat, then sticking the paper on. Get tutorial here

Transform your ceiling fan into a work of art

You’ll smile every time you look up at your ceiling. Get tutorial here

Turn your old side table into a chic stand

Get the marble look without the expense. (Inside the Fox Den) Get tutorial here

Decorate the inside of your mailbox

Spray paint the exterior, sure, but add contact paper to the inside to give it an adorable look. (Julien K.) Get tutorial here

Marble your coasters with contact paper

Get gorgeous marble coasters simple by wrapping marble contact paper around tiles. (Meredith G.) Get tutorial here

Add a pattern to your favorite table

You’ll turn that piece of trash into treasure in seconds. (Coastal Star Decor) Get tutorial here

Fake a marble kitchen countertop

Why go crazy with expensive marble, when you can use contact paper? Cover laminate with fake marble contact paper instead! (SurgC Get tutorial here

Transform your microwave into a masterpiece

Grab some contact paper to instantly give your microwave a marble makeover! Get tutorial here

Give your home some privacy

This gorgeous update will decorate your door and provide you with privacy too! Get tutorial here

Give your trash can a makeover

Who would have thought your trash can could look this good! Get tutorial here

Create a marble contact paper clock

In just several easy steps you’ll have yourself a stunning clock to display on your wall! Get tutorial here

Make a beautiful privacy window

Privacy from your neighbours and a beautiful window in one! Get tutorial here

Update your backsplash with a removable print

Spray some adhesive on your wordy contact paper and quickly apply it to your wall! (Hello Little Home) Get tutorial here

Redesign your countertops

If concrete, wood, and marble aren’t for you, contact paper is the way to go for a new countertop. Get tutorial here

Make your IKEA coffee table look upscale

The grey contact paper transformed this drab piece into a fabulous designer coffee table. Get tutorial here

Improve your renters flat with stripes

Add a dash of thick navy stripes by measuring horizontal pieces of dark contact paper that’s easily removable. Get tutorial here

Create a frosted mirror in seconds

This cleverly retains privacy without giving up any natural light. (Bigger Than the Three Of Us) Get tutorial here

Give the inside of your fridge some design

With this black and white print you won’t be so upset to see your fridge empty. Get tutorial here

Turn your plastic vanity into granite

This is such a simple and fantastic way to give your bathroom an upgrade. Get tutorial here

Glam up your old bar cart

You’ll love serving your guests drinks on this high-end cart. Get tutorial here

Glam up a thrift store stand

Upcycle a wrought iron stand with some spray paint then create a table surface with a slab of wood and marble contact paper. Get tutorial here

Embellish your writing desk

Bring the garden theme indoors with green contact paper! Cut designs from cardboard and cover with contact paper. (Maarit A.) Get tutorial here

Redo your gross doors

Chippy doors no more! Choose some light faux wood styled contact paper and cover the doors, then glue on fake molding. Get tutorial here

Redesign your floor on a budget

If you can’t afford hardwood or even laminate, grab some wood styled contact paper and get going! Get tutorial here

Revamp a dull storage chest

We love how the contact paper totally jazzes this old thing up. (A Mother Thing) Get tutorial here

Upgrade a boring brown wicker box

Mod podge the paper to add some design without taking away from the wicker effect. (The Tattered Rabbit) Get tutorial here

Or give your cabinets some pizazz

The best thing is that it easily comes off if you ever have to move. Get tutorial here

Create an adorable accent wall

All you need is white contact paper, scissors, a ruler, a steady hand and some Peel & Stick contact paper. Adorable. Get tutorial here