DIY Wine Gift Wrap With Burlap + DIY Potato Stamp

Rachel Metz
by Rachel Metz
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All the ways that I am about to show you how I gift wrapped wine - cost me NOTHING! I had everything on hand icon I am a wine lover and honestly - getting a bottle as a gift always puts a smile on my face. I didn't think about how I can also gift wine BUT I love adding personal touches. So this is my first of three ways I show you how I DIY'ed gifting wine this Holiday season.

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Gather your materials: You can use whatever material you'd like but I had some leftover burlap on hand, twine, a knife, this sweet potato was about to go bad so I'm using it for a DIY stamp, exacto knife, paint (color of your choice), scissors and your bottle of wine.

I measured out my leftover material to be the size of a tea towel - feel free to buy a tea towel and also gift that as well! If you don't want to, do what I did - cut it down 19 inches by 27 inches!

Since I am DIY'ing a stamp, I cut out the shape I'd like to create a pattern on my material!

I made a simple cross. Carve the potato down on the edges so the design sticks up!

Dippe your DIY stamp in some paint and press onto your material.

I did one row then alternated when I moved up!

Completely obsessed with how it turned out and am going on a DIY stamp rampage with other material for gifts haha.

Place your towel (design side down) or materials vertically, your wine bottle in the middle on the upper half.

Fold the bottom up over the wine.

Fold your corners in towards the wine bottle.

Grab whichever side you want and fold it over your bottle, repeat that with the opposite side.

This is what it should look like!

Take your choice of ribbon, rope, twine or whatever and tie it as tight as you can at the bottom of the neck of the wine.

Be sure to check out other ways of how to gift your wine to the wine lover in your life - this is my favorite way!

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  • Your choice of material   (Craft store)
  • Paint   (Craft store)
  • Potato   (Around the house)
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