Sunburst-Style Deck Railing Offers a Surprising Amount of Privacy

This front deck project from Marty's Musings was capped by a stunning sunburst deck railing, offering balance and symmetry. These five large sunburst deck railing designs create instant curb appeal for this Hometalker’s front yard. It is nice to see that pops of color are allowed to flow between the deck and the railings. Although it might be a busier deck railing design than some people would like, it does offer substantially more privacy than basic horizontal railing designs. Get tutorial here

An Easy Way to Incorporate Ambient Lighting into Your Deck Railing

Rope lighting helps to brighten up your outdoor deck to extend your parties long into the night. To cover the full length of the deck railing, a base kit and two extensions were required. The brackets lock in the wire and attach to the underside of the deck railing out of eyesight. The brackets are spaced two feet apart to prevent the rope from sagging. The lighting is weather-resistant, ensuring year-round use. Get tutorial here

Hog Wire Deck Railings Built from Scratch

These custom deck railings were built using unconventional materials to create a budget cable deck rail effect. Hometalker ToolBox Divas saw hog wire as one of the best cheap deck railing ideas. The deck railings were set up in panels with poultry wire saving them a ton. Some hog wire deck panels can cost up to $80 a panel but this entire bit of wiring cost less than $50 for all panels. It’s another ideal design for decks and porches with beautiful outlooks. Get tutorial here

Cable Deck Railing That Doesn't Obstruct Beautiful Scenery

This cable deck railing design is maintenance-free, leaving the deck’s languid water views unobstructed. Cable rails, also known as wire rope railings, are a safe substitute for horizontal or vertical spindles. This Hometalker didn’t want deck railing that would block the property’s stunning vistas from their spa or seating area. This stainless-steel cable railing from CableRail by Feeney is a fuss-free alternative to wood deck railing. Get tutorial here

Lattice Privacy Screens Where Your Deck Really Needs it

Hometalker At The Picket Fence used lattice screens to create privacy to the third side of their exposed back yard. In their garden, they have large trees on two sides of the yard, creating ideal shelter. However, the third side of the yard has lacked privacy for some time, feeling somewhat exposed to the neighbors. This framed wood lattice was attached to the deck railing using support boards in the back for a stylish finish. Get tutorial here

Chippendale Railings Create an Inviting Porch

SweetPea Paula's porch was recently revamped by building and painting new Chippendale railings. Their previous porch railings were falling apart due to rot, with plenty of measuring, cutting and clamping required to repair the rotten pieces at the bottom of the railing. After rebuilding the rails, they were painted and screwed to both the brick wall and the vinyl post for improved stability. Get tutorial here

Effective Deck Railing Repairs for Weathered Surfaces

Hometalker Holly Prim had failed to seal or power wash their deck, resulting in rotting stair railings and loose spindles. With the stair treads lifting and warping and nails protruding out, it quickly became a safety hazard for her and her family. The decision was made to reconstruct the deck rails and stair rails. They learnt quickly how to build a deck railing, replacing the spindles too in the process. Ensuring they were attached straight and evenly was laborious. Get tutorial here

Timbertech Deck Railing and Decorative Lattice Work is Great for Landscaping

This installation of Timbertech decking, railing, and lattice decorative skirting offers style and definition for back yards. Hometalker Cepontzsons had a hot tub in their garden but wanted to differentiate the spa area and the decked space on higher ground. The dark wood deck railing offers great privacy and sophistication as part of this long-term back yard renovation. New landscaping plants were also installed around the newly constructed deck for aesthetic pleasure. Get tutorial here

Contemporary Yet Timeless Wood Deck Railing Designs to Consider

These distinctive wood deck railing ideas show how to fuse traditional materials with contemporary design. This imposing wood deck railing has real definition, with the white posts contrasting beautifully with the well-treated dark wood deck. Take a closer look at the other projects on the Distinctive Deck Designs page above and you’ll also find a beautiful curved iron deck railing design that transcends the decades as a timeless back yard or porch design feature. Get tutorial here

Prefabricated Deck Railing Sections Make it Easy

This family deck area had become rotten and unsafe for children to use near the pool area. They opted to replace the rotten floorboards, build a privacy wall complete with stairs on the driveway side and incorporate a sturdy new deck railing. The prefabricated rail sections were simple to work with and were stained with redwood to help blend the older healthy wood with the new wood deck. Get tutorial here

Back Porch Railings That Serve as Planters and Additional Seating

When this Hometalker bought their new home, the back porch deck was in horrible shape. It was unsafe to walk on and was unused for over a year before they eventually tore apart the existing porch to create a new deck. Composite decking was laid and new sturdy deck railings were built from wood as a multi-purpose addition. Not only did it frame the porch beautifully, but it also acts as a home for planter boxes and offered adequate seating when entertaining. Get tutorial here

36”-42” Deck Railing is Ideal for Decks on High Ground

This Hometalker shared some advice on choosing the right deck railings for the height and size of your deck. They say that there are four common materials used for deck railing ideas, even including vinyl deck railing. This Hometalker recommends getting acquainted with the local building regulations and codes to know what you can and can’t use. If your deck is on high ground and designed to provide wonderful vistas, they recommend deck railings no shorter than 36” for safety purposes. Get tutorial here

Factory Manufactured Metal and Glass Deck Railing Systems

If you want a railing system for decks and stairs, Helen Faulkner recommends Deck-Rail’s factory manufactured railings. These metal and glass deck railing systems can be installed using basic hand tools, with no need for any on-site welding. The systems not only work well for decks, but they can also provide a safe, stylish rail for front porches. According to this Hometalker, Deck-Rail is the only manufacturer of its type to offer such a system to create instant curb appeal for decks and stairs. Get tutorial here

DIY Deck Gates Create Easy Access Via Your Railings

With their deck railings finally complete, GrandmasHouseDIY opted to build an outdoor deck gate for extra access. They were keen for the DIY deck gate to match the deck rails they had already made, so the gate frames were built out of the same wood. Both gates were hand-made so that the top of the gates were just underneath the top rail, both for aesthetic purposes and practical purposes; allowing them to fit a bracket that could grab and hold the gate’s weight when not in use. Get tutorial here