How To Reuse Trash

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Hack your trash with these zero waste simple projects.

We all have things that end up in the trash (or the recycle bin) and today I want to show you how to reuse trash.  

First up are the toilet paper tubes that we all have. We go through so many of these, and they always end up in the trash. I want to show you a super easy hack to use these to get ready for spring. 


For this hack, I took a vintage tin and filled it with toilet paper tubes. The toilet paper tubes are amazing for getting your seeds started before Spring arrives.  

These toilet paper tube seed starts are so easy to make. All I needed to do was to take each tube and cut a few little slits along the bottom, about an inch up.  

Then, I turned up the little flaps until they were all tucked into the bottom of the tube. This will provide a base for the soil to sit on. Once I turned them all in, I just popped each tube back into the tray.   

Next, I filled each tube with some dirt or potting soil. You want to fill your little tubes until the dirt is pretty much near the top.  

Once the tubes were all filled, I took my seeds and sprinkled a few onto the dirt in each tube. 

To finish off my seed started, I covered the seeds with another spoonful of dirt and then gave them all a drink of water. When the seeds start sprouting in the spring, I can take my tubes and plant them directly into the ground, tube and all. 

Next up, I grabbed a 2L plastic bottle.  

For this hack, I took a sharp knife and sliced the bottom about half way down. I sliced it all the way around until it was separated into two pieces.  

Once I had the bottle cut, I took the top portion of the bottle, popped it right over my little plant and it created the perfect little greenhouse. The moisture will collect in the bottle and the plant inside will thrive.   

For my next hack. I took a smaller single-use bottle and turned it into something for my feathered friends outside. I started by cleaning out the bottle and leaving it until it was completely dry.  

Then, I used a straight-edged knife to make some little x’s on opposite sides from each other. I made these on the bottom third of the bottle. With the x’s made, I grabbed a wood stick and poked it in one x and through the second x on the other side.  

Next, I made a second set of x’s a little further down. This time I used an old wooden spoon and poked the handle through them. I also opened up the x a little on the side with the spoon so that seeds would spill onto the spoon when the feeder was filled.  

The last thing I did before filling my new feeder was to add a few little holes in the bottom for the water to drain out if any gets in.  

Finally, I filled my new feeder with seeds and wrapped a little jute twine around the top to hang the feeder by.  

My next trash hack was to use a glass jar that I was going to recycle. I used this jar for two projects; the jar for this one and the lid for the next one. This hack was really easy and all I needed was some craft glue and white glitter. You can also use Epsom Salts if you don’t have any white glitter.  

I brushed the craft glue all over the jar until the outside was completely covered except for the bottom.  

While the glue was still wet, I held the jar over a container and sprinkled glitter all over it. 

Once the jar was covered, I left it to dry overnight and then popped in a votive candle and lit it up. The jar made a beautiful candle holder perfect for those cold, winter nights. 

For my final trash hack project, I made some DIY coasters. I found a picture I loved in an old magazine and made sure it was the same size as the jar lid that I had saved from the last project.  

To cut it out, I laid the lid over the picture and used my straight-edged knife to slice around the lid.  

Before adding the picture to the lid, I gave it two coats of silver metallic paint.  

Once the paint was dry, I brushed a layer of Mod Podge onto the inside of the lid and then laid the picture over top.  

I added another layer of Mod Podge over the picture and let it all dry. The Mod Podge seals the picture beautifully so that it won’t get wet from a drink.  

When it was dry, it was ready to pop my glass in and now I have the perfect coasters wherever I need them.  

The next time you're getting ready to throw some of these items in the trash, I hope you'll think twice and turn them into one of these cute little projects. They were so easy to make and reusing your trash couldn’t be more fun! 

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  • MarthaJean MarthaJean on Jun 16, 2022

    The tea glitter candle - how about puting glitter in a container (plastic w/resealable lid) & rolling jar carefully in the glitter. With a stick. fork (whatever you have on hand) apply a little pressure, from inside jar, then tap jar over glitter container. This helps to hold more glitter. Also, using glue design a pattern then roll, roll, roll. I have done this & my projects went faster. Thank you for your ideas. mjl

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  • Guernsey Girl Guernsey Girl on Jun 16, 2022

    Thank you. Great instructions. Great ideas.

  • Maxine Maxine on Jun 15, 2023

    I will try the bird feeder. And I have a treasure trove of bottles. I transfer anything

    that comes in a squeeze bottle i.e. mustard into pretty glass jars from jams. I detest

    squeeze containers. Other soup, veggie salad whatever you are going to share. For the

    Holidays I have made mustard, sauces, spiced nuts. peppermint bark, flavored vinegar.

    even hamade specialty spirits this should get your creativity a jog. In thedkitchen I use

    for all sorts of nuts seeds. derided fruit, grains and oatmeal.