Turn Plastic Plant Pots Into Beautiful Painted Lace Decoupage Décor

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A while ago I purchased some plant pots for a DIY project I had in mind. The project did not work out. Sometimes that happens. I was now stuck with these inexpensive plant pots that frankly, looked like they were inexpensive. You know the kind. They are made of plastic, come in basic colours like black, brown and in this case a fake looking terracotta colour.
I was not going to use these pots the way they looked. So my choices were to donate them or make them into something more attractive and usable. I chose to give them a makeover that was easy and fun to create. I was also thrilled with how beautiful they look now! This time this DIY project did turn out!
The first thing I did was give the plant pots two light coats of a spray primer. This step is really important because it gives a nice base on the plastic for the paint to adhere to.
The next thing I did was apply two coats of one of my favourite paint colours. It is Liberty Blue by Fusion Mineral Paint. It is a very deep intense colour and fabulous to work with.
Then I used Mod Podge to apply white cotton lace just under the rim of each plant pot with a foam brush.
The final step was to cover the top of the lace and the rest of the plant pot with another layer of Mod Podge. This step seals the lace and the paint by giving it a protective cover.
I am using the newly styled plant pots on our covered outdoor patio but I think they will also look gorgeous on a covered porch. They really add a gorgeous pop of colour. I also think the blue and white plant pots will complement any colour of flowering plant whether it is spring, summer or fall.
I planted some pink/purple coloured fall mums in them for the fall season. The flowers look so much more beautiful planted in these painted lace decoupage plant pots compared to how they used to look!

For more details and photographs I invite you to visit my blog at 'Time with Thea'! The link is just below!

What colour would you paint your plastic plant pots? What kind of flowers would you plant in them?
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic plant pots   (dollar store)
  • Kilz Spray Primer   (Home Depot)
  • Liberty Blue Paint   (Fusion Mineral Paints)
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  • Jay Williams Jay Williams on Aug 24, 2016
    Is the blue paint a spray paint?
  • Emmanuelle Emmanuelle on Dec 18, 2018

    Hi i really love your project I only have a question -somebody commented on this side in another post about painting pots -they can transfer some bad things from the paint into the flowers what do you think -personally I do not think the quimics on the paint can harm the pants what your opinion are you plants ok are they growing??thanks wonderful pots

  • Sco85346674 Sco85346674 on Jun 29, 2023

    I am painting an old large plastic flower pot with flowers going around the center and I'm trying to figure out without stencil to have the flowers white and the background black but the pentals are kinds intracit. How can I paint the flowers sepwithout than the background without running the other calor into the other? Need help please! Thanks. flowers And the flower is like a raised three demenional or something and i cant seem to make a stencil from it and ispray paintings a different color going around it than the background and how do I cut out the flour or what do I use for essential? How do I get in the little intricate petals and not mess up? The 2 colors paint, which is gonna be a white flower with a black background. Just wondering, thanks, hope you can help.

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  • Ele28097682 Ele28097682 on Jun 13, 2018

    I'm so inspired and interested to make it in the future :) thanks.

  • Marge Marge on Mar 30, 2019

    I absolutely will at the end of last year I bought some pots on sale and although they're not really ugly they're not really great so I would definitely try this! What a great idea