Starting Your Own Hanging Basket Plants

With spring just around the corner, it is time to get your hands dirty planting some hanging basket plants. Hometalker Angie Rose has some great “how to” tips for beginners. Her combo features a “thriller” as the main attraction, a “filler” for contrast and volume, and a “spiller”, strategically placed at the edge of the pot in order to spill out. Get tutorial here

How to Make Simple DIY Hanging Plant Holders

Are you just starting to explore whether you have a green thumb or not? Hometalker Vernichel // created by v. can show you how to make a fantastic basket for hanging plants in four easy steps. Simply fill a container with some potting mix, insert your hanging plants carefully - with spilling plants on the pot edges - then add water and lots of love! Get tutorial here

DIY Guide for Your Own Hanging Plants Stand

If you don’t mind a little bit of extra work, then check out this amazing DIY guide by Hometalker Crafting While Adulting. She shows us some pro tips on creating a stunning wooden hanging plant stand. She opts for heat and not pressure-treated wood. She also offers instructions on a DIY wooden sign, all for $15. So take out your saw and drill and get cracking! Get tutorial here

Old Wood Bowls Turned Hanging Plant Holders

When Hometalker Kelli @CraftShackChronicles found an old wooden bowl for $2 at a thrift shop, she immediately knew she could do something nice with it. She used Unicorn SPiT colors to give it a new look. After sealing it with oil-based polyurethane, she drilled holes in its sides and added strands of white rope. A simple and easy DIY holder for your favorite hanging plants. Get tutorial here

Create Different DIY Hanging Plant Baskets

Hometalker Three Dogs in a Garden has some excellent tips on different types of hanging plant baskets, depending on your choice of plant. She also gives sound advice on which hanging plants need more shade. She offers arrangement ideas for annuals, houseplants, ferns and ivy. Our favorite is the fresh herb basket, ideal for full sun spots and filled with fragrance. Get tutorial here

Affordable DIY Baskets for Hanging Plants

If you want to be smart with money, Hometalker Caroline offers advice on how to cut back on hanging plant holders. Instead of buying hanging plants already potted in their baskets for $28, she opted for buying just the hanging plants she wanted, for $9. Using some potting mix and reusable $10 baskets saved her $54 with which to buy more of her favorite: Kimberly ferns! Get tutorial here

DIY Recycled Cans for Hanging Plants Indoor

For anyone into DIY arts and crafts, there is nothing better than taking a seemingly useless item and turning it into something practical and beautiful. And that is exactly what Hometalker Janice Anderssen did. She repurposed old aluminum cans to make elegant holders for hanging plants indoors. She potted herbs with Nephrolepis ferns, easy to care for and adaptable. Get tutorial here

DIY Metal Trough Hanging Plant Holders

Hanging plants are a great choice for adding a dash of greenery to your outdoor space. Hometalker 3 Little Greenwoods recommends these robust and beautiful metal trough planters and offers tips on how to make them on your own. She also gives a list of her favorite hanging basket plants to choose from. The best way to make a front porch more vibrant and prepare for spring! Get tutorial here

How to Revive Your Hanging Basket Plants

Every home gardener has come across this problem: as summer approaches, the hanging plants you bought last spring look a bit shabby from growing through a whole year. But Hometalker Sow and Dipity breathed new life into hers. Simply prune and cut them back by half, she says. Or cut off the lead growing points in bushy plants to help boost the side shoots. Get tutorial here

Kokedama: Put Your Plant Cuttings to Good Use

After pruning away at your house plants, there is a good chance you will end up with a pile of cuttings. Don’t throw them away: get inspired by the Japanese garden art form of Kokedama, like Hometalker Kirstin did. Kokedama means moss ball and is an innovative method to grow hanging plants in balls of soil held together by string. Easy, gorgeous and inexpensive! Get tutorial here

Different Hanging Plants in Bauble Vase

If you want to go with something unconventional, then check out this bauble vase project by Hometalker Ronja Lotte. She used just two materials: a transparent bauble and some white thin yarn. You can make these elegant hanging plant holders in less than ten minutes. Simply attach the thin yarn to the baubles, fill with water then insert your plant. Get tutorial here

Hanging Plant Holders Made Out of Old Frames

If you love hanging plants as much as Hometalker Organized Clutter does, then you are probably looking for ways to spice things up a bit. She had the idea of reusing old wooden frames for her hanging plants. Using some wire to attach the pot to the frame, she then hung it from a tree. Her framed lobelia in full bloom this spring was picture perfect! Get tutorial here

Black and Green Ipomea Hanging Plants

Are you into hanging plants with lots of foliage? Would you gladly forgo pretty flowers for stunning broad-bladed leaves? Then Hometalker Sow and Dipity has the perfect suggestion for hanging basket plants. She planted Ipomea “Lime Margarita” and Ipomea “Black” to achieve a pleasant combination of green and black hues. They look amazing and are super easy to care for. Get tutorial here

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger + Gold Plant Stand

Macrame is lovely and versatile – and you can also use it to create unique DIY holders for your hanging plants. Hometalker Oksana Radionova found an old metal stand in a thrift store for a unique project. She first sanded it down then sprayed it gold. Next, she used macrame cords to hang the plant pot. She even offers a tutorial on how to tie knots for this boho look! Get tutorial here

A DIY Beautiful Hanging Plants Indoor Garden

Hometalker Brittany @by Brittany Goldwyn had to take extreme measures to protect her house plants from her cats – so she decided to make her own hanging plants indoor garden, which works great for spiller plants, too. It cost her roughly $20 and 2 hours to make. She cut a piece of scrap pine to size, cut three holes big enough for her hanging plant holders and hand painted it. Get tutorial here

DIY Hanging Plant Holders from Old Tires

Looking for ways to reuse those old car tires you have lying around? Bringing them inside to use as hanging plants indoors wouldn't be your first thought, but Hometalker Recaptured Charm shows they make excellent planters. You could paint them in bold colors, but she went with the plain option, adding colorful flowering hanging plants for an effective contrast. Get tutorial here