Smartphone "Tripod" Toilet Paper Roll Mount

Shimon Aharon
by Shimon Aharon
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As a hobby I often interview war veterans to hear their stories. I try and catch the interview on camera and use my Galaxy S6 to film. I was looking into buying a tripod but instead I came up with this idea!

Take a finished toilet roll icon

Get a ruler, pen, scissors and of course the Galaxy S6 (or phone of your preference).

Measure and mark a 1cmx1cm (this will vary depending on your phone) outline on both sides.

Cut along the lines but leave the bottom line connected.

Push down the two newly created tongues.

Stand the toilet roll up and place the phone on the newly created toilet paper roll "tripod" mount icon .

Of course those of you more artistic than me will decorate the roll.

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Suggested materials:
  • Finished toilet paper roll   (I'm sure you know where to get one from ;-))
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  • Tetiana  Shpek Tetiana Shpek on Feb 06, 2023

    haha creative

  • Alice Norton Alice Norton on Feb 11, 2023

    Good idea! I often look at videos when cooking, and it is inconvenient to hold the phone. Moreover, I bought a new one about a week ago (I'm happy that I decided to address sky devices customer service on this site and buy the phone at a good price), and I don't want to accidentally drop it. Thanks!