1. Redefine Fall Decor with an Indian Corn Vase

Chloe, a talented blogger, shares a creative and simple way to usher in autumn's magic with an Indian Corn Vase.

Her project begins with humble Indian corn, which she prepares by removing the husks. The magic comes in when she paints these corn cobs with metallic hues. Next, she attaches the painted corn onto a glass vase using rubber bands.

To bring the whole project together, a beautiful floral arrangement is added and filler foliage is incorporated to conceal the top edges of the corn.

After covering the elastic bands with seasonal ribbon, the project is complete and ready to stand proud amongst your fall decor. Get tutorial here

2. Turn Dollar Store Finds into a Pilgrim Hat

Shelly, an Instagram sensation, shares an easy and budget-friendly way to craft the cutest Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece for your holiday table.

A planter and pizza pan are spray-painted to give a faux fabric finish, and glued together creating a stylish base for the hat. Adding a striped ribbon around the rim and crafting a ribbon "buckle" with hot glue adds character to the centerpiece. Finally, Shelly decorates the hat with fall foliage stems for that extra special touch.

In no time, you've got a charming pilgrim hat that serves as a perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Get tutorial here

3. Design an Affordable and Unique Pilgrim Hat Decoration

Here is another inspirational Pilgrim Hat Craft by the talented Chas.

She starts by spray painting an ice bucket and charger plate black. While those dry, she collects natural elements from her garden to be used as decoration.

What's a pilgrim hat without a buckle and band? To add that authentic touch, Chas cuts a ribbon from a table runner and hot-glues it to the ice bucket. The buckle is created with gold glittery ribbon. Finally, she flips the ice bucket on top of the charger and adds the decorative fall elements around it.

Place the assembled hat on your dining table for a delightful Thanksgiving centerpiece. Get tutorial here

4. Make a Cinnamon-Scented DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Learn how to craft aromatic pine cones to elevate your home's decor this autumn with Chas' Crazy Creations.

Chas walks you through the process, from cleaning and scenting the pine cones to creating a stunning display. You'll need essential materials like cinnamon essential oils, ground cinnamon, Mod Podge, and fairy lights. Chas' step-by-step instructions ensure your success in making these charming pine cone centerpieces.

Light up your home with the warm glow and inviting fragrance of cinnamon, perfect for fall and Thanksgiving decor. Get tutorial here

5. Style Your Own Stunning Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece

Create an elegant and festive ambiance for your Thanksgiving feast with Chloe's inspiring DIY Flowers and Candles centerpiece.

Her step-by-step guide walks you through the process, beginning with preparing the wooden tray and securing containers with floral foam. The centerpiece comes to life with the magic of candles, complemented by a mix of fresh flowers and fall leaves for a delightful autumn aesthetic. Discover a clever trick to add height to candle holders and infuse whimsy with small white and orange pumpkins. 

This affordable crafting adventure ensures your holiday celebration shines brighter than ever.  Get tutorial here

6. Impress Guests With These Easy Apple Candle Holders

Create a quick and stylish fall centerpiece with apples, courtesy of Shawna Bailey. This two-minute craft is perfect for last-minute dinner parties or impressing guests effortlessly.

Scoop out some of the apple with a melon baller to create the hole for the taper candle to sit. Make as many of these apple candle holders as needed. You can combine them with gourds for variety. Don't worry about wax dripping – the apples catch it all.

It's a simple, charming fall craft that captures the season's essence. Get tutorial here

7. Embrace Nature With a Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Jazz up your Thanksgiving table with Vickie's Rustic Pinecone Centerpiece. The project starts with a walk in the forest to gather pinecones, acorns, and other natural delights. 

A cardboard base, along with tuna cans, serves as the foundation for this fall centerpiece. Assemble it layer by layer, incorporating the autumn treasures collected during your forest stroll. Complete the look with the warm glow of candles and, if desired, adorn it with dried pomegranates or berry sprays.

This project is a wonderful way to bring nature's beauty into your holiday decor. Get tutorial here

8. Shape a Festive Pumpkin Using Springform Pans

Melanie shares a quick and easy Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that's perfect for your special dinner. With minimal materials, including springform pans, she created this gorgeous pumpkin display.

After painting the pans with Venetian Gold metallic paint, she assembled them and added a fall garland. The finishing touch? A charming burlap ribbon bow and a battery-operated candle.

This is a fantastic decoration for your holiday celebration! Get tutorial here

9. DIY a Gorgeous Fall Floral Centerpiece

Bibi Sweet67 shares an easy and affordable DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. This project costs just $13 and takes about an hour to create.

With materials from the dollar store, including a floral box, foam blocks, diamond wrap, and a candle, you'll have everything you need. Using a hot glue gun, wire cutter, and scissors, Bibi assembles the centerpiece by wrapping the box, stacking foam blocks, and arranging floral elements.

The finished product is a lovely and versatile centerpiece perfect for your Thanksgiving table or other spots like your coffee table or fireplace mantel. Get tutorial here

10. Construct an Oversized Wooden Candle Holder

Holly from The Rustic Desert offers a budget-friendly and creative solution for a holiday table centerpiece. Hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners can be expensive, but her Oversized Wooden Candle holder is a stunning and cost-effective alternative.

Holly's step-by-step guide shows how to cut and prepare the 4x4 wood piece, drill holes for candles, and optionally torch the wood for a beautiful finish. The result is a remarkable centerpiece that can be customized with different greenery for the holiday season.

Embrace this DIY to make your holiday table truly special, all for just $15 and an hour of your time. Get tutorial here

11. Get Creative with This Chic Fall Pumpkin Decor

This stylish and budget-friendly DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece created by Staci Marie, takes just 20 minutes to create and can be customized to match your home's color scheme.

Using a craft pumpkin, floral Styrofoam, faux flowers, greenery, and basic tools, Staci crafts a stunning centerpiece. She shares her experiences working with craft pumpkins, providing tips for a smooth cut. After removing the top, she fills the pumpkin with faux florals and greenery, explaining how to vary height, color, and textures to create a beautiful arrangement.

Staci's project is a perfect centerpiece to add to your Thanksgiving table and is easily adaptable to different decor styles. Get tutorial here

12. Transform Fruit Peels into Unique Candles

If you're looking for an exciting way to add a unique touch to a table this Thanksgiving, you're in for a treat. Missy from Sonata Home Design shares her incredible fruit peel candle project that is sure to impress.

Missy's easy guide walks you through the process, from preparing the fruit to adding the wax and wick and finally decorating with dried herbs for extra fragrance. Stack them to create a completely breathtaking centerpiece.

This is a delightful and eco-friendly way to repurpose your fruit leftovers while creating stunning DIY candle holders to adorn your table. Get tutorial here

13. Turn an Ordinary Pumpkin into a Dazzling Decoration

Looking to add an affordable touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving celebration? Melanie's quick and easy centerpiece project is just the solution.

Begin with a pumpkin of your choice, bathe it to ensure longevity, and then visit your Dollar store for decorative dot stickers and lettering. Add your chosen words of gratitude to the pumpkin and enhance the centerpiece with your stickers, arranging them around the pumpkin's natural lines. Then, gather fake leaves, a crystal pedestal candle holder, and cut branches. Assemble your centerpiece, and if desired, add ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.

Melanie's project is versatile and perfect for both small and large tables, providing an easy and charming Thanksgiving centerpiece. Get tutorial here