DIY Fall/Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Bibi Sweet67
by Bibi Sweet67
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1 Hour

I cook for Thanksgiving at my house every year and I love to decorate my table. So I decided to make a Centerpiece for our dinner table for Thanksgiving this year. Everything I bought was a $1each total cost was $13 to make.

These are all the items I'm going to be needing. A floral box, two small or one big foam blocks, floral, diamond wrap and one candle. Everything was purchased at dollar tree.

All the tools I will be using. Hot glue gun and hot glue stick, wire cutter, And is not in the picture but also scissors.

Cut your diamond wrap to go around the top and bottom of your box

Then hot glue the diamond wrap around the top and bottom of the box. Make sure not to put to much hot glue to prevent from going through the diamond wrap.

Now hot glue the two foam blocks together. Then after hot glue the whole piece inside the box.

Now I start cutting all of my floral with my wire cutter.

Now I start placing my floral making sure to leave the candle in the middle.

I start placing my floral near the edge of the foam and all four corners first. And placing the pumpkins in the middle on both sides.

After placing your floral near the edge of foam, now start filling the inside making look nice and full.

This was not on the first picture but I decided to add this round floral foam to give the candle some height. I will be changing the candle for a taller one but for now this works.

This is how it looks from an angle.

Done! And loving it to be place at my dinner table this Thanksgiving.

This Centerpiece can be place anywhere beside the dinning room table. It can be place on your coffee table or a fireplace mental. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Suggested materials:
  • Floral, diamond wrap, Candle   (Dollar tree)
  • Flower box and foam   (Dollar tree)
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  • Vicki Vicki on Nov 12, 2023

    Since the foam blocks are glued to the container how do you store this for the next year? Do you disassemble it as much as possible and store it in a bag/box?

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