How to Style Your Own Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpiece With Candles

Are you looking to add a touch of affordable elegance to your Thanksgiving dinner table this year? Why not embark on a crafting adventure and fashion your very own Thanksgiving centerpiece with candles?

Your holiday celebration will shine brighter than ever with this gorgeous display.

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Tools and Materials

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DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece with candles

1. Preparing the Base

I decided to use an old sign as my tray, so I began by removing the hooks from the back.

If desired, add felt buttons or little feet to the tray to protect your surfaces. This tray will serve as the foundation for your stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece with candles.

Fall floral arrangement for holiday table

2. Setting the Containers

Place the three clear glass vases and three food storage containers on the wooden tray.

Insert a piece of wet floral foam into each container.

These containers will hold your fresh flowers and candles.

How to make a candle-lit Thanksgiving centerpiece

To prevent them from sliding, secure the containers of floral foam with waterproof anchor tape or floral tape on each side.

Candle placement for holiday centerpiece

3. Arranging the Candles

Now, let's add the magic of candlelight to your centerpiece. Carefully position your cinnamon-scented candles in the clear glass vases.

Mix it up with varying heights of both vases and candles for an appealing visual effect.

Table setting inspiration for Thanksgiving dinner

4. Adding Fresh Flowers

Enhance your Thanksgiving centerpiece with the beauty of fresh flowers. Head to the grocery store and pick up an assortment of mums, sunflowers, and alstroemeria.

A variety of fresh flowers - mums, sunflowers, and alstroemeria

Make sure to place some flowers at an angle and others pointing downwards to help hide the plastic containers and add a fuller look to the centerpiece.

If needed, adjust the candle positions to maintain visibility.

Crafting a Thanksgiving centerpiece on a budget

For foliage choose fall-colored leaves instead of the regular green ones, it will complete the autumnal aesthetic we’re aiming for.

I used faux leaves but if you have access to leaves outdoors, feel free to use those for a more natural touch.

Use a votive candle as a pedestal

5. Adding Height to Candle Holders

If your candle holders are shorter than desired, here's a clever trick. Place a votive candle or similar glass container upside down and set your candle on top for added height.

Creating a cozy ambiance with candles and flowers

Don't worry; we'll find a way to make this discreet in the next step.

Decorating with pumpkins and candles for Thanksgiving

6. Pumpkin Magic

Add a touch of whimsy by incorporating small white pumpkins into the arrangement. Carefully tuck them among the flowers facing outward.

Make sure to position them so they hide the pedestals we just added to give our candles height.

Elegant and rustic Thanksgiving table centerpiece

To further highlight the Thanksgiving fall theme, include cute little orange pumpkins from your local craft store.

Nestle them wherever you can to create a festive atmosphere.

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Candles Tutorial

I hope this guide has inspired you to embark on your journey to create your own Thanksgiving centerpiece.

DIY thanksgiving centerpiece

I'm excited to see how you'll put your personal touch on this project. Share your thoughts, photos, and any additional tips in the comments.

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