Decorating With Indian Corn: How to Make Pretty Farmhouse Fall Decor

Ready to add a touch of autumnal magic to your home?

In today's project, I am going to be decorating with Indian corn to create gorgeous, rustic fall farmhouse decor. Let me show you how this simple yet versatile element can breathe new life into your home this season.

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Tools and Materials:

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Creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece with Indian corn

1. Prepare the Indian Corn

Begin by cutting the rubber bands off your Indian corn bundles and laying them out.

Twist off the corn husks

The first task is to remove the husks. Simply twist them off; they should come off easily.

Green metallic paint

2. Paint the Corn

Now, it's time to paint the corn cobs. I used green gold and rose gold metallic paint for a touch of elegance.

Crafting with metallic paint and Indian corn

Inexpensive, real bristly brushes work best for this task.

DIY home decor with painted Indian corn

Don't worry about missing kernels; only one side of the cob will show.

How to paint Indian corn for fall decor

Brush on the paint to fill in all the space.

Crafting ideas for fall-themed table decor

Let the paint dry.

Step-by-step guide to decorating with Indian corn

3. Secure Corn with Rubber Bands

Now, let's secure the Indian corn to a glass vase with thick rubber bands.

Place one rubber band near the bottom of the vase and another toward the top.

We'll cover them up so they don’t look odd.

Alternate the colored corn

Start placing the corn on the vase, alternating colors for a balanced look.

Inspiring fall home decor projects

Adjust the positioning as needed; they might shift a bit, but the rubber bands will keep them in place.

Craft chicken wire inside the bottom of the vase with water

4. Adding Stability with Chicken Wire

To ensure your flower arrangement stands tall and proud, add a layer of stability.

Cut a section of craft chicken wire and bundle it up, placing it in the bottom of the vase. This will help hold the flower stems securely, ensuring they don't topple over.

Assorted floral bouquets

5. Create the Floral Arrangement

Head to your local store for bouquets of assorted flowers.

Fall-inspired crafting

Build your arrangement starting with the colorful bouquet flowers.

Remember to trim the stems to the desired length.

Making a mixed bouquet with sunflowers and eucalyptus

My bouquet included sunflowers, some beautiful seeded eucalyptus, and even Queen Anne's lace, even though I knew it might not last long.

How to decorate with indian corn

6. Conceal the Corn Tops

Now, let's make sure the top edges of your Indian corn are nicely hidden. To do this we will add some filler foliage.

Add filler stems

Trim your filler pieces so they are short enough to cover the edge of the vase and droop over the corn tips.

Cover up the rubber bands with ribbon

7. Cover the Bands

With the corn cob tops covered and the floral arrangement in place, the finishing touch is concealing those rubber bands.

Green metallic ribbon

I opted for a green ribbon with a subtle metallic tinge for added flair.

Adding a green ribbon to hide rubber bands

Wrap it around the rubber bands to cover them completely. This not only secures everything but also adds an extra trim to your container.

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Fall Decorating: Indian corn covered vase

Decorating with Indian Corn: Farmhouse Fall Decor Tutorial

As you wrap up this DIY project and admire your stunning Indian corn vase, remember that creativity thrives when we come together.

Share your insights, ask questions, or simply drop a comment to let us know how your decor project is coming along.

Chloe Crabtree
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  • Carol F Carol F on Sep 29, 2023
    Where did you get the Indian Corn?I really like the natural colors and the husks. I could see using them as part of a centerpiece arrangement.Thanks for the inspiration!
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  • Katen Katen on Sep 30, 2023
    This is handsome take on Indian corn, which I love in the fall. Doubt I’d paint as that’s my aesthetic. But the use is great. Thanks for sharing
  • Cynthia Stocker Cynthia Stocker on Oct 02, 2023
    Absolutely! I’m going to gather my granddaughters and my only daughter and plan a craft day! Heck, I might as well invite my grandsons girlfriends. Although I will probably try to use some hot glue to help secure the corn and go to Hobby Lobby for the real looking flowers and such. Thank you so very much for the idea!! …Cindy S.