The Bamboo Railing and Fence That I Designed and My Hubby Built.

Patty S
by Patty S
I have been dreaming of having a Japanese railing and fence built of bamboo. I drew up a plan and my hubby made it happen. He was skeptical at first, but now he loves it too. It is just the finishing touch for my Japanese gardens.
The finished railing. We purchased the Black Palm Hemp on ebay to complete the authentic look.
First we dug holes about a foot deep for the three 2.5" in diameter posts.
Next my husband cut openings into the tops of the posts so that he could fit a 2x2 into them and drilled holes and used screws to attach the 2x2 to the posts.
We were able to purchase a bamboo pole that is 4-5" in diameter and slit the pole end to end and removed a piece large enough to allow the 2x2 to fit inform the bottom
Having mitered the first piece at the joint, he then added the final piece on the left side of the railing and cut the ends on an angle to give a more interesting finish. He then added the lower cross pieces, 8 total because the is one on each side of the posts. The final touch is the vertical pieces that were added and the tying of the hemp around the joints. Different tying technics can be found on the internet. It is important to drill all holes to attach the pieces with a screw. Bamboo splits easily but still it has the tinsel strength of steel. It will last for many years. Bamboo has a natural silicone finish and therefore is very hard on saw blades. I used several to complete the job.
My hubby, Bob just turned 87 years old, but as active as a 60 year old. Can't keep up with him.
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