Freehand A Vibrant Flower

Use chalk to roughly outline the flower, apply Unicorn SPiT heavily in the center, and fan out with a tshirt. Get tutorial here

Design A Galaxy Worthy Star Wars Table

Apply the wood surface with SPiT, spritz with water, press with plastic, use an oil based sealer, and add decals. Get tutorial here

Stain An Oversized Chiaroscuro Lily

Strip the wood’s surface, sand down, draw the lily outline, and add stain lightly with a cloth. Get tutorial here

Sand Down A Blue Hued Table

Round out the edges of the table first, spread 4 different colors on the surface, and poly over the top. Get tutorial here

SPiT The Table A Bold Colored Red

Strip the gel off of the wood first, add pixie dust texture, then mix red and black Unicorn SPiT. Get tutorial here

Revamp A Table With Vivid Orange

Tighten the bolts, repair the veneers, moisten the gel stain, and press a plastic tarp to spread the color. Get tutorial here

Use Multiple Stains For A Color Block

Begin by stripping the top, block off sections with painter’s tape, and spread Unicorn SPiT on each section. Get tutorial here

SPiT In A Spiral To Hide Damage

Prime the table’s surface, load the colors on in a spiral shaped pattern, and seal. Get tutorial here

Beautify A Thrifted Table With Art

Purchase a thrifted table, highlight the edging of the table with gel stain, and redraw in your design. Get tutorial here

Buff SPiT All Over The Surface

Apply the Unicorn SPiT in a horizontal pattern, buff it with the grain, and apply polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Add Golden Acrylic To A White Table

Paint a basecoat of white on the table, spread the gel stain, smear, and sponge on gold paint. Get tutorial here