How to Remove a Stripped Screw in a Few Simple Steps

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to remove a stripped screw, fear not! I can show you a simple and effective method to remove it using just a power drill. This technique works best when there is enough of the screw left for the drill to grip onto. So, let's gather the supplies you'll need:

Tools and materials

  • Power drill
  • Appropriate drill bit (preferably a Phillips or flathead, depending on the screw type)
  • Trash bin or container for disposal
Preparing the power drill

1. Prepare the power drill

Open the mouth of the drill bit as wide as possible. To do this, grip the barrel of the drill bit and switch the drill into reverse mode. This will expand the mouth of the drill bit to its maximum width.

Positioning the drill bit

2. Position the drill bit

With the drill bit's mouth wide open, place it over the stripped screw head. Make sure it fits securely over the screw's surface.

Tightening the drill bit

3. Tighten the drill bit

Now, tighten the drill bit onto the stripped screw head by engaging the power drill's forward motion. This will create a strong grip on the screw, allowing you to turn it.

Reversing the drill

4. Reverse the drill

With the drill bit securely tightened on the screw head, switch the power drill back into reverse mode. This will turn the screw counterclockwise, just like a regular screwdriver.

Removing the stripped screw

5. Remove the stripped screw

Using the power drill in reverse, gently and steadily turn the screw counterclockwise. The power drill will provide the force needed to extract the stripped screw from the wood or material.

Disposing of the screw

6. Dispose of the screw

Once the stripped screw is successfully removed, place it in a trash bin or container for disposal.

How to remove a stripped screw

Now you have successfully removed the stripped screw using a power drill! Remember to be patient and avoid applying excessive force to prevent damaging the surrounding material. If the screw was particularly stubborn, you might need to try a different technique or consult a professional if necessary.

With this method in your toolkit, you'll be able to handle stripped screws with ease and get back to your DIY projects in no time. Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments.

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    Can do the same with vice grips.
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