1. Wildflower seed bombs

We love this wildflower seed bomb project. These DIY Valentine’s flowers may not be in bloom for the holiday, but it’s a cute way to grow your own from these heart-shaped gifts. This is a very unique Valentine’s Day present that keeps on giving as the flowers grow. Get tutorial here

2. Tulip wreath

This DIY Valentine’s flower arrangement really packs a pink punch! The pretty tulip wreath is perfect for the holiday of love, but also for the coming of spring. Get tutorial here

3. Tissue paper flowers

Your DIY Valentine’s flowers don’t have to be real for them to be fun. This tutorial shows you how to make simple tissue paper flowers, step by step. You can try out this paper DIY for Valentine's decor with kids too. Get tutorial here

4. Valentine’s vases

Next up are these adorable Valentine’s vases. These Dollar Tree DIY flower arrangements make for such an easy Valentine’s gift. All you need are small square vases, faux roses, glass beads, and a hot glue gun. Get tutorial here

5. Lemon and herb luminaries

Nothing says “I love you” like saving your significant other from pesky mosquito bites. These lovely lemon and herb luminaries not only look, feel, and smell lovely, but they also keep the mozzies at bay. Who says bug repellent can’t be romantic? Get tutorial here

6. Rainbow tulip wreath

The tulip wreath is back and this time with a twist. Instead of springtime pink, DIY-er David has gone for a rainbow style. This is one of our favorite DIY Valentine’s door decorations. After all, love is love. Get tutorial here

7. Cherry blossom wall pocket

Roses are red, violets are blue, but cherry blossoms are just as symbolic when it comes to love. The fleeting blossoms of spring and the romantic flurry of falling petals are what make this flower special. In this project, DIY-er Gail creates a simple flower arrangement with napkins, cherry blossoms, and an upcycled coffee can. Get tutorial here

8. Penny tulip hack

Did we mention we like tulips? Well, if you’d like your tulip flower arrangement to last way past Valentine’s Day, then try this penny hack. Add a copper penny to the water in your tulip vase and watch the magic happen. Get tutorial here

9. Moss bowl

Ok, hear us out. We like to think out of the box when it comes to DIY projects. So, this Valentine’s Day, how about telling your loved one that they’re the moss-t important thing in your life by gifting them this DIY moss bowl? Get tutorial here