DIY Mirrored Coffee Table

by Aj
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So if you're like me, then you have an eye for REALLY nice things that come with a REALLY nice price tag. I wanted a new look for my living room and since I wasn't necessarily balling, I decided to change my ways and see how I could spruce up my place with minimal spending. I stumbled upon the world of D.I.Y and haven't looked back since. So check out my mirrored coffee table video and see if it inspires you to do the same.icon
Step 1. Ruin your coffee table
Step 2. Become tired of looking at your ruined table
Step 3. Start remodeling it.......

Step 4. Sand table to remove any indention's or condensation damage from cup use
Step 5. tighten any loose screws so your table is not wobbly ( I forgot to show that in the video but it was done off camera)
Step 6. Spray 2 layers of primer so the black doesn't show through
**allow primer to dry before putting color
Step 7. Spray paint your desired color
Step 8: Apply generous amount of caulk to top of table
Step 9. Place mirror on top of table. (make sure the edges of the mirror are smoothed by the glass cutter to avoid cutting yourself)
Step 10. Secure mirror with clamps or any heavy house hold items
ex. Gallons of water, old books or whatever you can find that's heavy
Step 11: Allow to cure over night and WA-LA! Your very own mirrored coffee table
Step 4. Sand table top (helps the caulk adhere better)
**Bonus tip-
This would also be a good time to tighten any loose screws on the table.
Step 5. Prime table (used 2 coats), let dry and then 2 coats of metallic silver spray paint
Step 6. Make sure all cracks and crevices are concealed except the top.
Step 7. Apply a generous amount of caulk (marble,mirror etc)
Step 8. Apply your mirror on top and let dry for 24 hours before moving.
**Bonus tip-
Use clamps or heavy items such as books or gallons of water to keep mirror from possibly sliding around.
To the left is a reminder of what she looked like before and to the right we have the after!!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Coffee table (it was gifted so FREE)   (walmart)
  • Sand paper   (walmart)
  • Restoleum Metallic Silver Spray paint   (walmart)
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  • Aprile Aprile on Mar 08, 2020

    Will the mirror get scratched?

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