Hairpin Legs Look Great on a Piece of Live Edge Wood

Hometalker Caitlin found a stunning piece of wood at a lumber store and paired it with custom hairpin legs to add much-needed contrast with this chunky live edge worktop. She used a T-square to mark where the legs would go, before drilling pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting. The wood was treated with a coat of mineral oil to accentuate the grain. Get tutorial here

Dainty Hairpin Legs for an Outdoor Porch Bench

Amanda’s brother and sister-in-law needed more outdoor seating for guests, so opted to make them a stylish industrial bench from a wheeled storage bin. The project took less than four hours, which involved screwing the treated wood slabs together before attaching the four 16” hairpin table legs for much-needed stability for the bench. Get tutorial here

Clean Modern Hairpin Leg Kitchen Table

This hairpin leg kitchen table is ideal for Hometalker Brooke’s breakfast nook, with its clean, straight lines adding a much-needed contemporary look to their dining space. The table top was made from plywood, before ironing on wood veneer to make the top appear one solid piece of wood. The black hairpin legs contrast well with the dark stain table color. Get tutorial here

Hairpin Leg Coffee Table Made Using Pallets

This industrial-chic coffee table was built using leftover wood from pallets. Once stained and complemented with the metal hairpin legs, it looks like a stylish addition to any modern home. The hairpin legs were put together from industrial metal scrap. The table dimensions were achieved by trimming the pallet board, before varnishing to accentuate the wood grains. Get tutorial here

Hairpin Leg Coffee Table with Live Edge Wood Top

Hometalker Zest it Up picked up a gorgeous piece of live edge lumber, opting to use it for a black walnut coffee table, paired with industrial-style metal hairpin legs. The table top was planed until smooth before attaching the four hairpin legs to the underside of the table using basic wood screws. The table was then finished using a satin polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Cute and Functional Bedroom Nightstand with Hairpin Legs

Hometalker Anna was inspired by a friend to create her own practical nightstands using crates from a local farm. The crates were free from the local farmer, requiring only a coating of paint. Anna opted for a two-tone gray, with off-white paint on the exterior and dark gray inside the crate, contrasting brilliantly with the slender, steel hairpin legs. Get tutorial here

Tufted Leather Ottoman with Custom Hairpin Table Legs

Hometalker Katie utilized Montana buckskin hides to create her very own leather tufted bench for her home’s entryway, combined with some space-saving metal hairpin legs. The plywood bench was backed with a foam pad, before covering and stapling with the leather. The half-ball buttons were stapled to create diamond tufting and the welded hairpin legs were fixed. Get tutorial here

Industrial Chic Hairpin Leg Desk

If you’re thinking of building your own rustic office desk, check out this DIY project from Chas. All that’s required is a long piece of live edge wood, hairpin legs, wood stain, screws and a top coat. The simplicity of the build allows for more under-desk space, with only eight hairpin legs fixed to the underside of the table top, finished with a glossy top coat. Get tutorial here

Vintage Metal Cabinet Makeover With Industrial Hairpin Legs

This Hometalker was inspired by this vintage metal cabinet to give it an industrial makeover with hairpin legs, creating a stylish furniture end table and much-needed storage space. After removing the rust from the cabinet with acetone, she smoothed it out with 800-grit sandpaper and fine steel wool before fixing the hairpin legs using jigsawed pieces of wood. Get tutorial here

Psychedelic Ikat Hairpin Leg DIY Nightstand

As part of the finishing touches to her bedroom makeover, Anam upgraded these wooden nightstands with on-trend hairpin legs and a vibrant Ikat painted stencil. The nightstands and handles were painted white before painting the multicolored Ikat stencil onto the front of both drawers. The 4” silver hairpin legs were then screwed to the base of the nightstand. Get tutorial here

Transforming a Vintage Legless Buffet with Steel Hairpin Legs

Hometalker Brepurposed found this legless wooden buffet at a yard store and bought it for just $10. The buffet had enough support for her to screw metal hairpin legs into, adding much-needed height. The entire buffet was given a light sanding before being stained and finished with a high-performance satin top coat. It is now used as their home’s sturdy television stand. Get tutorial here

Ideal Home Office or Craft Desk with Hairpin Legs

This rustic DIY home office or craft desk was built by Sheri using two 2x12 boards, making the desk about 48” in width. It was stained from top to bottom before fitted with metal hairpin legs. Once again, these hairpin table legs were chosen due to their floor space-saving qualities and their sleek design. The desktop was treated with polyurethane to finish. Get tutorial here

Distressed Industrial Storage Trunk with Vintage Iron Hairpin Table Legs

This Hometalker cleaned up this filthy storage trunk before giving it several layers of coral-colored chalk paint. The surface was then distressed to create a Paris/French-style appearance. After the interior was lined with custom-cut beadboard, the trunk was fitted with slender vintage iron hairpin legs, which were modified to fit the trunk perfectly. Get tutorial here

Art Deco Hairpin Leg Coffee Table Using Reclaimed Wood

This stunning art deco coffee table was made from two reclaimed pieces of badly-damaged wood – seemingly from a fire. After many hours of sanding, this beautiful grain design was exposed underneath. The table top was eventually stained with dark walnut wax before being given a glossy polyurethane finish once the iron hairpin legs were attached. Get tutorial here

Nature-Inspired Live Edge Stool with Hairpin Style Legs

Hometalker Katie is inspired by nature and opted to create her own rustic plant stand using a spectacular live edge top, paired with DIY hairpin legs made from soft refrigeration coil. She used a belt sander for her plant stand top prior to staining. The coils were cut to size before bending each coil an inch down to attach to the wood using steel hanger tape. Get tutorial here

Contemporary Chic Sofa Table with 22” Hairpin Legs

Hometalker Rick sourced four stylish 22” hairpin legs as the basis for a DIY mid-century modern sofa table, built from two pieces of 1”x12”x8’ pine. Rick created the table top and inner storage dividers before screwing together and staining. The hairpin legs were painted black and fitted 1/2” off the front and back and 3” from the table ends for optimum stability. Get tutorial here

$6 REAL Marble Table With Copper Hairpin Legs

Hometalker Melanie is a fan of anything marble, so opted to create a budget marble table top using an inexpensive marble tile, with copper hairpin-style legs from a plant stand. The plant stand was sprayed with a copper Rust-Oleum paint that works brilliantly on most surfaces. The tile was fitted on top of the stand and is now used as a stylish nightstand. Get tutorial here

New Hairpin Legs Add Style and Sophistication to This Coffee Table

Lisa was fed up with this chunky-legged glass-topped sofa table and opted to remove the bulky legs with a fake finish, replacing them with sleek modern black hairpin legs. Lisa used three 3/4” screws for each leg, covering the mess caused by removing the “dagger” style legs. The table top was repainted in a glossy black, ridding the table of its faux wood look. Get tutorial here

Whiskey Barrel Top Plant Stand Fuses Rustic and Contemporary Style

Hometalker Sara had a whiskey barrel top sitting around for almost a year and opted to combine it with some hairpin legs for a rustic-yet-modern plant stand. The top features a unique distillery stamp, adding to its authenticity. The top was cleaned and glued between the cracks. A piece of wood was put between the barrel top and hairpin legs for added support. Get tutorial here

DIY Plant Stand Using Hairpin Table Legs and a Fresh White Marble Tile

Hometalker The DIY Playbook had these black hairpin legs sitting waiting to be used and opted for a DIY marble-topped plant stand that was affordable and stylish in equal measure. The used white marble tile was prepped to fit the hairpin legs in each corner. A type of liquid nails was used to glue each leg to the underside of the marble, drying in five minutes. Get tutorial here