my thrifted craft room, chalk paint, craft rooms, home decor, How my craft room look so far It s coming along nicely It contains a thrifted vintage drafting table a DIY card catalog and a thrifted shelf

My Thrifted Craft Room

All the pieces of furniture in my craft room have come from the thrift store or bought second-hand! It's still "IN PROGRESS" but I will be finished soon! Here's a look at its progress and how inexpensive it's was to furnish!

before amp after the makeover of a wooden play kitchen, chalk paint, diy, how to, painted furniture, I lined the doors with vintage fabric from a thrift store table cloth and used cup hooks to hold thrift store measuring spoons

BEFORE & AFTER: The Makeover of a Wooden Play Kitchen

I found this beat up wooden play kitchen from the thrift store for only $2.50! I knew immediately it could be beautiful! I didn't want it to be "girly" or "kiddie" so I chose Annie Sloan Antibes Green for the outside, and Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue for the interior. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut new vinyl burners, and I mitered trim to make panels on the door, which are Mod Podged with fabric from a vintage table cloth from the thrift store. I also added cup hooks to the side for measuring spoons (which are also from the thrift store!). For more pics and VIDEOS of the whole processes, with more detail, you can find it on the blog post. Enjoy!

how to make an upcycled diy pendant lamp, craft rooms, electrical, repurposing upcycling, If you ve got an cute but broken item around your house like I had this Crate and Barrel fruit basket you can make an upcycled pendant lamp

How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp -- Have you always wanted to make your own pendant lamp? This is how I UPCYCLED a pretty little wire fruit basket to make a pendant lamp for my thrifted craft room. Super cheap! To see more pics of my thrifted craft room, where nearly everything came from my favorite thrift store, visit:

diy can food organizer with hidden storage underneath

DIY Can Food Organizer With Hidden Storage Underneath

My pantry shelves were a hot mess before built new pantry shelves and built this awesome can food organizer! This pantry makeover couldn’t have come at a better time as I focus on fixing up my kitchen!

diy photo collage on wood using photo transfer medium

DIY Photo Collage on Wood Using Photo Transfer Medium

I love this DIY photo collage on wood that I created on my wall recently!But let me explain to you how ironic this is: I’ve got at least 100,000 pictures and videos of pictures stored digitally, and only a handful of the pictures are printed. My walls are generally pretty bare, actually.Isn’t that insane??I’m the woman who snapped so many pictures at a family gathering once that distant relatives at the event had thought I was from the local newspaper (not kidding; this actually happened).But getting them off of the camera and out of the external hard drives is something at which I have sucked.This month, though, I’m beaming over my latest RYOBI Nation project: a DIY photo collage on wood using photo transfer medium!

how to reupholster a bench upholstery makeover

How to Reupholster a Bench: Upholstery Makeover

I had been wanting to reupholster this bench for nearly 4 years now.Four.But I had been the victim of “unfinished-itis.”You know…that debilitating condition that happens to do-it-yourselfers when you start a project but some virus starts eating away at your resolve to finish and before you know it, the project is collecting dust in some musty corner of your basement.Well, that’s what happened with this $25 estate sale bench that I lugged home years ago.Lost leg bolts…broken bench arms…and DIY distraction prevented me from adding this potentially piece of furniture to my collection.Until today, that is.Success!

diy garage door screen with a zipper

Garage Screen

(This post and project belongs to Thrift Diving. Full step-by-step details can be found on the original blog post)I’ve been wanting to make a garage door screen since the spring when the flare-up of crazy flying insects leaves me swatting, cursing, and running for cover.But how this project came about was because I was >THISCLOSE< to paying someone a handsome amount of money to install a garage door screen in my garage–one of those fancy ones on a track. I even considered shelling out a couple thousand dollars for motorized ones. (Ugh…to think I almost went through with it…).

how to weave yarn in wood for easy diy wall art

How to Weave Yarn In Wood for Easy DIY Wall Art

You know how I love me some easy DIY wall art. I mean, I could buy new, but why would I??

how to make framed fabric wall art using a picture frame

How to Make Framed Fabric Wall Art Using a Picture Frame

Have you ever found such gorgeous prints and wanted to make framed fabric wall art using a picture frame?

eat in kitchen table makeover watch this project in action

Eat-In Kitchen Table Makeover: Watch This Project In Action!

Let me start by saying that I’ve fallen in the “I love wood tones” camp now.It doesn’t mean I am throwing away my paint brushes. No, ma’am.But it means that if I can try to refinish something to bring out those yummy wood tones and wood grain, I’ll at least attempt it first–if I have the time and desire–especially if it’s “good wood.”After refinishing the top, I saw what gorgeousness was lying beneath the wear and tear and I knew I had made the right decision NOT to paint the top!

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