Add a gallery wall of your favorite things

This plain wall got a total upgrade with frames and trinkets hung up in an organized way. Get tutorial here

Build a mantel and floating shelf

The mirrored window on on top is just so beautiful, we want one for our room. Get tutorial here

Hang up some 3D personal art

Using plaster, this wife made her husband a gorgeous piece that looks stunning in their living room. Get tutorial here

Add some rustic plant wall decor

Greenery is a great way to spruce up any room, so why not hang it on walls? Get tutorial here

Stick on some wood textured wall paper

It’s like putting up a shiplap wall, only a fraction of the price and effort. Get tutorial here

Add some rustic shutters and a shelf

This rustic looking wall decor fit perfectly on top of this bare couch. Get tutorial here

Hang up your favorite board games

This gallery wall is so unique, and it totally encourages playtime. Get tutorial here

Paint a simple and stylish stencil

She wanted her builder grade house to stand out, so she painted her wall and it looks so good. Get tutorial here

Install some wood floating shelves

It looks nice and it gives you extra storage to place all of your favorite things. Get tutorial here

Display your own art and creations

Anyone can make this crayon art, and it looks really cool. Get tutorial here

Create your own yarn wall

This piece is easy and fun to make, and it adds bright colors to an otherwise dull room. Get tutorial here

Turn wooden coffee stirrers into modern art

Who wouldn’t want to hang something like this on their wall? Get tutorial here