An antique wooden desk turns into…

This desk was incredibly old, and the owner didn’t have a use for it anymore. Get tutorial here

Two matching solid nightstands

With some colorful paint and knew knobs, these stunning nightstands were ready to go. Get tutorial here

An old coffee table transforms into…

This coffee table had seen better days and needed a new use. Get tutorial here

A french custom bench

With some cushioning, a great fabric, and a little paint, this coffee table got a whole new life. Get tutorial here

Two old midcentury drawers become…

If you have drawers that don’t fit into any dresser, this is what you do with them. Get tutorial here

Standing bright side tables

Put them on the side, add some legs, and you've got the perfect little side table. Get tutorial here

An old and rusted bicycle rim can be…

There was nothing to do except trash this old wheel. Get tutorial here

A statement side table

This unique table is a mix of industrial and rustic and looks incredible. Get tutorial here

An ugly old mantel transforms into...

This damaged and chipped mantel was practically unusable. Get tutorial here

A stunning headboard

With some leather to fill the gap and a new paint job, this mantel now proudly sits at the head of this bed. Get tutorial here

An old broken fence becomes...

The fence wasn't doing anyone any good, but then she broke it down and started reusing it. Get tutorial here

A super sized decorative cutting board

If you love country style, then a huge cutting board might be just what your decor needs. Get tutorial here

A $10 dingy dresser turns into…

This dresser was functional, but this blogger was looking for something else. Get tutorial here

A sleek entertainment center

Take out the drawers below and turn them into shelves for all your movie needs. Get tutorial here

An old and unused baby crib can be…

After moving on to a bed, this crib was just sitting in a corner. Get tutorial here

A playful kid's bench

Now the crib can grow with your child throughout the years. Get tutorial here

A curbside dresser turns into…

This dresser was missing its drawers, but the frame was in excellent condition. Get tutorial here

A stunning wine bar

This is now the center of attention at any party or gathering. Get tutorial here

An old nightstand transforms into…

This $12 nightstand had a whole new thing coming toward it. Get tutorial here

A bright crafty sewing station

With a piece of plywood on top, this became the perfect place to sew arts and crafts. Get tutorial here

A clunky scratched desk becomes...

This desk was sold for hardly anything at a yard sale. Get tutorial here

Matching chic night stands

After cutting the desk in half, these narrow pieces were just what this bedroom needed. Get tutorial here