DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

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Make Your Pantry Easy to Use

Create different sized spaces

Keep everything neat by making spaces for different sized objects. A pantry will typically hold a wide variety of diverse products.

Remove the door for more space

Taking off the door to your pantry could add light and space. There's no need to feel cramped when this is an easy job to carry out.

Add wire racks to the doors

Turn the back of a door into a useful place for storing small objects. Hang a basic wire rack on here to give you some extra options.

Arrange items by type and size

Take some time to plan how to group together similar objects. Organizing by type or size will save you time when looking for things.

Focus on the most used items

Place the items you use most frequently where you can most easily get to them. Anything that doesn’t get regular use can be placed elsewhere.

Top Pantry Organization Projects

Our top pantry organization projects for you to get ideas for your pantry makeover.

Pantry Organization Videos

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Pantry Organization

Back in 2015, my husband and I purchased the home we are living in now. To me, a new home always means a fresh start with organization. In this home, we had a nice size pantry, which meant a lot of options for organization. So, that summer, I made creating a pantry organization system my main goal. I cleared out the pantry and got it reorganized rather quickly. I thought it was going to be a success, but I didn't have a plan or actual goal in mind.Fast forward to 2017 when I walked into my pantry at the beginning of my summer break (I'm a teacher) and realized that it looked like a tornado had hit. I knew at that moment that I had to do something. It almost looked like things were falling off the shelves because I had that much stuff crammed on them. Plus, I had paint buckets and supplies hanging out on the floor from last December when my husband and I painted our kitchen cabinets.So, I decided to approach my pantry totally differently this time around.

DIY Pantry (For Just $11)

We have a small kitchen, and I was in desperate need of a pantry. We spent just $11 on supplies, and I love the result. So much storage!

DIY Lazy Susan

I saw this project floating around on the internet, and I really wanted to make one for myself. I love how you can use a lazy Susan in your fridge for condiments, on your table for serving dishes, or even as a spice rack. Also, making a lazy Susan out of old pie plates and marbles makes it a pretty little work of art. I also like that this lazy Susan looks fancy enough to put on the dinner table, without having to find any specific hardware.

No Kitchen Pantry? Upcycle an Old Bookshelf Into THIS!

If you're tired of cramming food into your pantry, and then having to unpack every shelf to find the item you're looking for, then you are not alone!I was so tired of having too little pantry space, but I wasn't in the market for a pantry expansion or buying new cabinetry. Instead, I I spotted an old bookshelf and had a spark of inspiration.Here's how I turned an old bookshelf into the extra pantry space I needed. The best part of this little functional flip? It's not just a space-booster, it's a style-booster too, thanks to some chicken wire and farmhouse fairy dust!Check out the video for more how-to's!

New Pantry Organizing Projects

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