DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

Has pantry organization got you stumped? We have the DIY smart solutions to your pantry problems. Check out our discussion boards, video tutorials, slideshows, and best projects. This is the place to get tips, hacks, and inspiration to turn your pantry into a functional and beautiful part of your kitchen. Let's get started!

Make Your Pantry Easy to Use
Create different sized spaces
Keep everything neat by making spaces for different sized objects. A pantry will typically hold a wide variety of diverse products.
Remove the door for more space
Taking off the door to your pantry could add light and space. There's no need to feel cramped when this is an easy job to carry out.
Add wire racks to the doors
Turn the back of a door into a useful place for storing small objects. Hang a basic wire rack on here to give you some extra options.
Arrange items by type and size
Take some time to plan how to group together similar objects. Organizing by type or size will save you time when looking for things.
Focus on the most used items
Place the items you use most frequently where you can most easily get to them. Anything that doesn’t get regular use can be placed elsewhere.
Top Pantry Organization Projects

Our top pantry organization projects for you to get ideas for your pantry makeover.

Pantry Organization Videos

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No Kitchen Pantry? Upcycle an Old Bookshelf Into THIS!

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