Pegboards as Kitchen Pantry Organizers

As pantry organization ideas go, this one is beautifully easy to carry out and very practical. The addition of a pegboard in a pantry means an empty wall suddenly becomes a lot more useful. A good example of how this works come from the job carried out by Suzanne Bagheri. In this case, she uses the board to hang pots, pans, and other objects. Use nails and/or glue to attach this board to a wall. Get tutorial here

Transform an Old Object into Storage Space

Do you want to know how to organize a pantry in a cool and interesting way that is fun to try? Why not turn an old object into a pantry storage unit? Use a bookcase, a chest of drawers or anything else you come across. KathyrnElizabeth Etier bought an old headboard and then did a great job of turning it into an attractive and unique place to keep a lot of things in. The work needed varies widely. Get tutorial here

Use Hooks on the Wall for Hanging Items from

Not everyone has the time or expertise that is needed to carry out big pantry organization DIY jobs. A cheap and pretty easy way of getting better organized is by using wall hooks or door hangers. Once they are attached, hang up shelving units here or just hang things directly onto the wall. The fine job done by Melanie Simmons resulted in her pantry becoming far more practical and easier to use. Get tutorial here

Build Pantry Shelves

If a pantry lacks sufficient shelves, then it can be a nightmare to try to store things neatly. Adding some new shelves isn’t a particularly big DIY job, though. Hometalker Jennifer from The Craft Path gave full details of how she brought her pantry up to date. There are many different types and styles of shelf that can be used as kitchen pantry organizers, depending on how you want to do it. Get tutorial here

Hide or Move Bulky Objects

Big, bulky objects like water heaters and refrigerators can take up far too much space in a pantry. Thankfully, there is usually some way of moving or moving or hiding them. For example, Thistlewood was faced with this problem and made sure that their water heater was no longer a problem. Each house is different so you need to take into account your own layout and exact needs before any changes. Get tutorial here

Clear It Out and Start Again

Is your pantry currently so badly organized you just don’t know where to start on improving it? When a pantry gets completely out of control, it is a good idea to empty it and start from scratch. This lets you paint the walls and reconsider the layout before deciding how to put it all back together again. This is exactly what Brooke Riley did to sort out a pantry that had gotten far too crowded. Get tutorial here

Pantry Organization Hacks - Organize in Clear Storage Jars

Trying to find what you are looking for can be a real hassle in a poorly organized pantry. The use of a few clear storage jars is one of the simplest pantry organization ideas for making it easier to locate things more quickly. You can label them or else write names on them where necessary. Kamaldeep Kamur shows us how doing this can make a huge difference to any pantry that is in need of some help. Get tutorial here

Use a Pantry Door Organizer

There are many ways of sprucing up a messy pantry. One of the best is using a pantry door organizer. In this way, you can find extra space for storing more things without causing any clutter, even in a small kitchen. Take a look at how Becky Barnfather did this as part of a simple but highly effective pantry makeover. It is easy to add an over-the-door pantry organizer like this or to make your own. Get tutorial here

Build a Pantry between the Studs

Small kitchens are problematic when it comes to storage space, so moving the pantry can make sense. Hometalker Julie Briggs shows her terrific approach to small pantry organization. By creating a new pantry outside the kitchen, she was able to fit it into the space between the studs outside the kitchen door. This involved cutting out a space in the wall and then adding wooden boards to the frame. Get tutorial here

Use a Slim Storage Unit That Slides in Beside the Refrigerator

Have you ever thought of making use of that empty space between your refrigerator and wall? Amanda C shows us how you can very easily make better use of this gap. First of all, you need to measure out the space that you have. You then simply create a slim shelving unit that fits in snugly so that it is hidden away when not in use. You can also buy wheeled units that fit in here if you prefer to. Get tutorial here

Use L-Shaped Pantry Shelves

One of the big problems in a lot of pantries is the lack of storage space on the built-in shelves. In some cases, the best pantry organization ideas involve changing the shape of the shelves. Hometalker Melissa B shows us how changing the shelves to an ‘L’ shape can give you more vital space. This means that you don’t need to store stuff out of sight at the back of over-crowded pantries anymore. Get tutorial here

Buy Some Storage Containers

Even an attractive pantry can get messy over time, especially if it lacks enough storage containers. Buying some pretty pantry organization containers is one of the simplest ways to get this part of the house looking better. You can see how Tammy Ward Boone turned a cluttered and uninspiring pantry into something far more attractive by choosing the right combination of containers in smart colors. Get tutorial here

Add a New Pantry with Sliding Doors

Does your home lack kitchen storage space? Adding a completely new pantry space can be the best approach. This is a bigger DIY task than some of the other ideas we have looked at so far. Julie at Build, Sew, Reap explains to us how she did by putting a smart new pantry behind sliding doors. This helps to keep everything stored neatly out of sight and also acts as an attractive feature in the dining room. Get tutorial here

Make Snack Holders for Hanging

Having a variety of tasty snacks in the pantry is a good idea but it makes it harder to organize. A useful idea is to hang snacks in holders. This means that it is easy to access them whenever needed. Heather posted on how to organize a pantry in this way or how to do this if you don’t have a pantry at all. It is especially good for anyone who wants to have snacks ready to take to work each day. (Heather Get tutorial here