Pantry Remodel!

The standard pantries in the house we bought last year were almost unusable. Long deep shelves and only 3-4 of them in a large closet sized area. Thank heavens they had doors. I designed the shelves, my husband cut them out of MDF boards, I painted them with several coats of paint, and he installed them with L shaped aluminum brace. The brace allowed use of the shelf all the way to the back of the space. I counted and measured all the things in my food pantry to make the plan for how many shelves, how wide, tall and deep they needed to be. See the beginning and end result. It's so nice to be able to find things now. It turned out so nice, we did the 2nd pantry where I keep dishes, plastics, and mixed items for the kitchen!
At least it looked nice and neat with the door closed!
Such a disaster... we couldn't find anything in the jumbled mess, and heaven forbid it was at the back!
So you empty first, and knock those shelves out!
It was small closet sized, we repaired any wall damaged and painted. the strips are from the wood they used to hold the former shelves up.
My production line for painting.
I used a left over Behr semi-gloss for the first 2 coats. But finished it off with a nice coat of gloss.
You can see the L shaped aluminum "brace" he used to hold the shelves. Smart hubby.
I can see everything! We did add one more shelf up high a little later. And the bottom shelf is about 8 inches from the floor, so I can clean!
Everything has a place. So nice. No more digging around to find things.

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  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 16, 2018

    I did this. I wholeheartedly advise using the metal brackets. Makes the entire shelf uniform. I used the wood cabinet grade wood and made each shelf one piece as you did. A bit more expensive but I did not need to paint. We rounded the edges of the shelves so we let them extend one inch beyond the door frame. A motion detector light and turntables in each of the corners finished it off. I have more in it than I did before and I CAN SEE EVERYTHING. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • Jewel Butler Jewel Butler on Nov 22, 2018

    Got to do this one thanks for the idea see my cluttered pantry