How to Organize Outdoor Spaces

Are you looking for unique ways to organize your outdoor spaces? We have the ideas to get you started for your next DIY organization project. Check out our top projects, discussion boards, video tutorials, and slideshows. Organizing your outdoor spaces can be easy and fun once you get your inspiration and direction from our Hometalk community.

Tips for Organizing Outdoors
Divide areas by types of use
Take your outdoor space and divide it up into different zones. These may include somewhere to eat, a play area, and a tool storage space.
Hide storage space in furniture
Use patio furniture as the hiding place for cushions, cutlery, and other items. Benches and sofas that open up or have drawers are ideal.
Create paths to each different zone
Build paths that take you from one zone to the next without trampling the grass or damaging plants. There are plenty of easy ideas for paths.
Get a shed for storing tools
Don’t leave gardening tools lying around where they can get lost or damaged. Buy or make a shed to keep them all nice and safe.
Use plants as natural dividers
Create natural dividers between zones using plants. This will help each area to stand out and make your outdoor space easier to maintain.
Top Projects for Organizing Outdoor Spaces

Visit our top DIY outdoor spaces organization projects. Prepare to be impressed.

Outdoor Space Organization Videos

Check out our DIY video tutorials on how to organize your outdoor spaces. Enjoy.

Tire Rim Water Hose Holder

If you're looking for a quick project to brighten up your yard this summer, here's something to consider, especially if your water hose is just coiled up on the ground. I've seen similar ideas so I thought I'd try my hand at it and I love how this upcycle turned out!