DIY Desk Organization Ideas

If organizing your desk is your next DIY project, you will be pleased to know that we have the tips, ideas, and hacks you'll need to get started. Come visit our discussion board, watch our video tutorials, and read about Hometalk users' best projects. Good luck with your desk organization and we hope you enjoy your new neat work space!

Make Your Desk More Practical

Create a mobile charging station

Stop your cellphone from cluttering up your desk. Make your own charging station from a block of wood or buy one that is ready to use.

Use a color coding system

Find what you need quickly by color coding your documents. Add colored strips of paper or plastic and take a note of the scheme’s key.

Hide your electrical cords

Don’t let messy electrical cords make your desk difficult to use. There are many ties and tethers that you can easily make to resolve this.

Clearly label the drawers

Make it easy to organize your papers and supplies by marking each drawer. This will encourage you to store things in their proper place.

Use folders for easy storage

Avoid big piles of paper by using folders to store everything away neatly and conveniently. You can color code these, too.

Top Projects for Organizing Desks

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Desk Organizing Videos

Searching for DIY video tutorials on how to organize your desk? Here you go.

DIY The Ship Desk Organizer

Today we'll show you ideas in nautical style to make your working place more comfortable. The pretty practical holders we are going to show will help you to organize you stationery. Let’s start with a smart ship. There will be a few containers on board to keep your school supplies and small stuff.

Dual-monitor Shelving

Dual-monitor Shelving Made Out of Spare Laminate Flooring

Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Inspired Upcycle & Ikea Hack

Growing up, I always admired the Hudson’s Bay point blanket that adorned my great aunt's bed – with it’s iconic stripes! When I saw this knock-off at my local Value Village, I grabbed it and knew then and there that Hudson’s Bay stripes would make their way into our project (the second makeover of a Singer sewing table).If you’re a visual learner and would rather skip the tutorial, watch the video :)

DIY Crocodile - Kids Bookshelf - Organizer

Hey! Today I made a Crocodile Bookshelf for kids - Organizer. Kids love animals and they can clean own room with cute goods. Let's make a cute Crocodile Bookshelf for kids :)♥️ materials:▫️ cardboard▫️ paper (red and yellow)▫️ acrylic paint (white and black)▫️ glue▫️ brush▫️ paper tape▫️ hot glue gun▫️ scissors

New Desk Organizing Projects

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