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Oerwhelmed by the idea of organizing your garage? Let us help. We have the decluttering tips and organizational vision to see you through this DIY project. Just think of the before and after photos and imagine what your garage can become! Check out our top projects, slideshows, discussion boards, and DIY video tutorials to get you started.

Make the Most of Garage Space
Set up a car-care cabinet
Make sure that you can always find what you need to care for your vehicle. Devoting a cabinet solely to car-care products will save you time.
Store tools on the walls
Store tools in your garage more easily on the walls. This can be as simple as hanging them from hooks or devising systems for specific tools.
Add some useful shelves
You can keep your floor clear by adding some garage shelves. If making your own, be sure to use a level and sturdy materials.
Use a pegboard to hang objects
Add a pegboard to the wall to give you somewhere to easily hang many different types of object. It is simple to fit and incredibly versatile.
Fit a magnetic shelf
Store metallic objects in the garage with a magnetic shelf for less hassle. This keeps things like tins and pots neatly in place.
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DIY Baseball Bat Display Rack

Are you a baseball/softball parent or player who has lots of old equipment cluttering your home? Or, do you need a perfect handmade gift for a friend or family member who loves baseball to display their cherished baseball gear?In this Hometalk post, learn how to build a DIY baseball bat display rack to hold baseball bats, baseball gloves, and special baseballs.I have coached my kids in Baseball since they started T-Ball at a very young age. My collection of old baseball equipment (bats, game balls, gloves) has increased year over year.Furthermore, I do not like clutter and normally find a way to get rid of the stuff I don’t use or have a plan to use in the near future.Each time I would see our old baseball equipment laying in a storage bin in our attic, I could not convince myself to get rid of it. The bat brought back memories of my son hitting the ball at a certain age. Each glove reminded me of the long hours we spent on the practice field catching grounders and pop flies. The game balls represented a special game I remember like it was yesterday and will remember forever.Perhaps I am sentimental towards old baseball equipment because of my love for the game. Or, maybe it is the pure satisfaction I get watching my children play. Either way, I decided to create a DIY Baseball Bat Display Rack.Ultimately, This DIY Baseball Bat Display Rack that hangs on a wall not only provides a place to store old baseball equipment, but it also serves as a piece of art that preserves memories. It can also be a great addition to a baseball-themed man cave.

How to Assemble and Store Wood With a Bora Wood Rack

Two years ago, we had some contractors remodel our master bath. I found a lot of usable scrap wood in their trash pile. I pulled out all the pieces that I wanted to keep and threw it in a pile in our shed. And there it sat for two years... Now add to this, the scrap wood that I have left over from various projects and leftovers from building a chicken run which is, here, there and everywhere in my garage and you see my problem. I needed something that could take all of this and store it off the floor and out of our way. I am sure there are lots of plans to build storage but I’ve feeling a bit lazy so I wanted something ready made. The rack I have has six levels and can hold 100 lbs per level. I am hoping this is the answer to some of my wood problems.

Simple Organizer From PVC Pipes

Hello!Today I want to tell and show one wonderful homemade, plastic pipes and sewer plugs.

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