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Your garage might just be the hardest-working space in your house -you use it as a workshop, a storage facility, a rainy day play space and (quite possibly) a place to keep your vehicles. In order to ensure that your garage can multitask for you, smart DIY storage is of key importance.

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These seven DIY garage storage solutions could be just what you need to make your garage work smarter, no matter how many different ways you use it!

The following are some ideas that you can implement in your garage in order to make the space work for you. These range from the simplest ideas that require little skill to more complex and time-consuming projects, but all are worthwhile investments in your garage, no matter how many roles it plays in your home.

Space-Saving Overhead DIY Garage Storage

If floor space in your garage is at a premium, overhead storage may be just the ticket! Ceiling-mounted shelves are a great way to get lightweight or infrequently used items off the floor and overhead. While this storage system may seem a little intimidating for the average homeowner to DIY, Hometalkers have great instructions for putting one of these systems in your garage.

Ideally, your garage is the place to keep vehicles out of the elements. Most of us expect more from our garages, however. Small garages might not have enough space for free-standing shelves or wall-mounted storage due to the constraints of needing to park a car or two. That’s when overhead storage can make the space more usable and efficient. Overhead storage is a great way to maximize your space and store items like lawn tools or scrap wood.

You need to keep in mind that if you have automatic garage doors, you should be careful where you put your shelves. You don’t want to interfere with the operation of your door. Despite appearing difficult to make, don’t hesitate to try to DIY overhead garage storage if it fits your needs!

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Quick and Easy Shelving 

One of the easiest ways you can create flexible storage in your garage is with shelving. Shelves can hold nearly everything--from large plastic bins to paint cans to former spaghetti sauce jars full of nails. With so many great shelving ideas available, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

One of the most popular forms of shelving is the type that can be purchased at stores like Lowes Hardware, Home Depot, Walmart and Ikea. Many online retailers also stock these units. They come in a variety of materials, including rigid plastic, metal, and wood. These shelving units are great as-is, but they can also be personalized for your specific needs.

Screw in hooks, such as mug hooks, can be used on wooden shelving posts and supports. These hooks have a variety of uses, keeping small tools like paint brushes or socket wrenches within easy reach. If you’re reluctant to use something semi-permanent, you can use adhesive-backed hooks such as the Command brand for mounting on posts and supports as well. You can remove these when no longer needed.

In addition to hanging items on hooks, you can use the shelving along the sides, which won’t interfere with access to items from the front. You can use a whiteboard for notes and lists, a cork board for memos, or pegboard for tools on the sides of shelves to make additional use of space.

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For those who are comfortable with the idea, shelving units can be fairly easy to build. Marking out the size and shape that you need on the garage floor and wall with tape or chalk, use those measurements to have supplies cut to order at a big-box hardware store like Lowes Hardware or Home Depot.

These materials and a few simple tools are all you need to tackle the project. Hometalk has some great ideas and instructions for building the perfect shelves for both the space you have and the items you need to store. Sturdy shelves can hold heavier supplies, such as gallons of paint, that wall-mounted shelves may not be able to hold. 

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Effective Wall-Mounted Storage

Not everyone has the floor space for freestanding shelves, so if you don’t have space or your items aren’t suitable for storage on shelves, then wall-mounted storage could be the solution to your storage dilemma. Garden tools, hand tools, and even bicycles can be mounted on the walls in various ways. Hometalk has some ideas for the best ways to store your items on the walls of your garage.

One of the most tried-and-true methods for mounting things on the wall is to use pegboard. Pegboards can hold all manner of small tools such as hammers, levels, saws, and tape measures. When you attach them securely they can also carry a heavier load, such as battery-powered or electric drills and screwdrivers. You can have pegboard cut to any size at your local big box hardware store, making it versatile. A wide variety of accessories are available for use with pegboards, including baskets, bins, and tool holders in addition to the usual hooks. If you choose, you can also surround pegboards with trim molding in order to give a more finished look. The relative ease of using pegboard makes this an option for beginners, as well.

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Another way to organize along the wall is with the use of pallets or scrap wood. This low-cost organizing trick is great for holding taller items, such as lawn and garden tools or sports equipment. These organizers take up just a few inches of floor space, yet efficiently contain those things that you’re used to leaning against a wall. You can even use scrap wood to keep things between exposed studs or as a platform between exposed beams, for more overhead storage.

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Another way to create more storage is to mount shelves on the walls. You can use wall-mounted shelving for lightweight supplies, such as spray paint or woodworking hardware.

Customization is easy when creating these shelves: You can cut shelving boards to be as long and as deep as necessary. You can frequently make shelves from scrap wood and inexpensive shelf brackets, which is cost-efficient. Even the novice do-it-yourselfer can find tutorials on building wall shelves that are easy and inexpensive. Check Hometalk for some great ideas!

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Cabinets for Sturdy Storage

Cabinets can be a great way to store items in your garage that are bulky or infrequently used. They’re also great for containing those things that need the protection a sturdy cabinet can provide, such as extra dishes, seasonal home decor, or canning jars. There are many sources for cabinets--they are often available at Habitat Restores or salvage outlets for a very reasonable price. It’s also possible to get cabinets from friends or relatives when they remodel, which is great for both the environment and the bank account!

Building a cabinet is also a possibility, and you can build it to your specifications. While this custom creation definitely takes a little more time and skill, it is a way to ensure you get exactly what you need. You can fit cabinets with shelves or other inserts if required, and they allow you to get a uniquely customizable space. Hometalk has plenty of tutorials to help you get started.

Cabinets have the added benefit of a flat workspace on top, which is great for woodworking, painting or more storage. The flat workspaces can even double as a workbench if that’s your wish. So whether you’re building your own or rescuing them from the landfill, cabinets are a great way to store things in your garage, and they can give it a high-end, finished look.

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Keeping it All Together With Storage Accessories

Once you determine what sort of storage works best in your garage, it’s time to decide what sort of containers and accessories are going to serve your purposes. There are a number of easily-accessible items that can help you keep your garage organized.

One of the easiest ways to contain the items that you need to store is with bins or totes. Bins come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find something suitable regardless of your needs. Some bins have lids that will allow them to be stacked on one another. You can find bins to hold a few large items, such as soccer balls, or lots of small items, like Christmas ornaments. Rigid plastic will allow a certain amount of safety for the enclosed items. Bins are found almost anywhere, including home improvement stores, discount stores, and specialty stores like The Container Store. There are a plethora of bins available on internet sites such as ULINE, too.

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Recycled containers are a great way for you to store items while also keeping the environment in mind: From a large kitty litter bin or empty drywall compound container to a small decaf coffee jar, your old containers can be given new life in your garage.


Large plastic containers are great for keeping tools together: They’re sturdy enough to hold heavier items, and they have the added bonus of being portable. Putting all of the tools needed for a particular job into one of these buckets is smart, economical, and time-saving. Smaller containers can be used for sorting hardware, drill bits, or other small items that should be kept together. You can write on containers with a permanent marker or you can make labels. Labeling the containers is especially helpful if the containers are opaque. 

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Store Leftover Paint Using Food Containers (Kristi @ Chatfield Court)

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One unique tool for keeping things in their place is a bungee cord! You can use these cords to keep bulky things from shifting. In addition, stretching cords across exposed studs or between cabinets is a good way to keep items such as tools or sports equipment, in place. Bungee cords are available in different lengths, making it easier for you to customize your space.

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Laundry baskets are great for storing toys and sports equipment. Baskets are easy to stack on shelves or in cabinets in an orderly fashion. “Assigning” a basket to each child for the child’s own belongings is one way to use them, and they can also be used to corral things by purpose, such as keeping all the laundry supplies together. Laundry baskets are easy to carry to the places they’re needed. This makes them great for things you frequently transport from room to room.

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As you can see from these great projects, DIY garage storage doesn’t need to be intimidating or difficult. There are so many great ideas available on Hometalk that can inspire you to make the best choices for your space. Let your garage become the space you need it to be by trying some of these great storage ideas!

Need ideas for other household projects? Hometalk is a great place to look for ideas for every room in your house...and your yard. Don’t forget to share your projects when you’re done!

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