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Find hundreds of DIY projects for your home and garden that you can actually do. Whether you're an experienced DIYer or an ambitious beginner, these DIY ideas will enable you to create the home you love while saving time & money.


charcoal grill fire pit

Charcoal Grill Fire Pit

My son’s and his wife have a sweet rental home. They can make small changes and are very creative.We...

diy wood garden bridge, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, woodworking projects

DIY Wood Garden Bridge

Instructions for building a wooden garden bridge.

diy dog fence, fences

DIY Dog Fence

A climbing Jack Russell was a big problem at our house until I built my own custom fence.
It was

inexpensive diy fire pit

Inexpensive DIY Fire Pit

Happy memorial day weekend everyone! My husband and I are working hard to make our yard look nicer,...

backyard makeover, landscape, woodworking projects

Backyard Makeover

I had some questionable bushes boardering my backyard. They kept my 9lb dog in, but the neighborhood...

our homemade firepit from all repurposed materials, outdoor living, Our firepit

Our Homemade Firepit - From All Repurposed Materials

I grew up going to a cabin that had a firepit. It was the heart of the activities. Everyone came...


christmas on my mind, christmas decorations, fireplaces mantels, seasonal holiday decor, For a few years vibrant seasonal colors huge satin bows gold beaded garland and nutcrackers galore graced our holiday fireplace

Christmas on My Mind

Are you crazy like me and already ready to start decorating for the holiday season? Do you change...

bridal shower decorations, crafts

Bridal Shower Decorations

My son is getting married this summer, and my girlfriends gave a sweet bridal shower. I created a...

easy garland christmas trees, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Easy Garland Christmas Trees

These cute trees are easy to make with poster board, aluminum foil, garland, and a glue gun.

diy rustic wedding reception table numbers, crafts, diy, repurposing upcycling

DIY Rustic Wedding Reception Table Numbers

When we started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted it to have a rustic/vintage feel and that we...

easy and inexpensive christmas decorations from sheet music, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Easy to make and inexpensive sheet music decorations for Christmas

Easy and Inexpensive...Christmas Decorations From Sheet Music

A $1.00 book of sheet music from the thrift store and a few inexpensive supplies helped me to create...

christmas mantel, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Christmas Mantel

My Christmas mantel follows my Santa's Belt theme, coordinating with my tree. I've used garland...


clean your washer dryer

Clean Your Washer & Dryer

My washer and dryer are very well loved with our family of 4. Besides doing around 11 loads of...

cleaning tips dishwasher, appliances, cleaning tips

3 Tips for Cleaning the Dishwasher

Even though I’m now in my third trimester, certain smells still make me a little nauseous,...

how to clean a humidifier, cleaning tips, Humidifier cleaning is actually pretty easy if you follow these simple steps

How to Clean a Humidifier

With cold and flu season approaching, it may be time to pull out the humidifier. These are GREAT to...

how to clean your garbage disposal, cleaning tips, how to

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

So with all the recipe testing we do in our kitchen, we are bound to make quite a mess and have some...

how to steam clean the microwave, appliances, cleaning tips, how to

How to Steam Clean the Microwave

In my quest to help eliminate harmful chemicals throughout my house, I was able to eliminate another...

how to make a concrete garden hands by recipe

Easy Grill Cleaning Hack by Recipe

This Grill Cleaning Hack Is Genius


ok it may be possible that i may be the only one but i don t think so

Where Are My Keys ? NO MORE! $15 Solution

Ok.. It may be possible that I may be the only one… BUT I don't think so. I hate seeing keys on a...

quickly remove heat stains from wood

Quickly Remove Heat Stains From Wood!

You’ve seen them before. White splotchy heat stains that cover what used to be perfectly pristine...

how to remove dried paint from clothing

How to Remove Dried Paint From Clothing

If you are a DIYer, you probably have some clothing with dried paint on them. Here's how to remove...

we have just one new years resolution for 2018

We Have Just One New Years Resolution for 2018...

Thank you for a year of inspiring, encouraging, sharing and creating together with us on Hometalk!...

6 quick fix facelift ideas for builder grade bathrooms all under 100

6 Quick Fix-Facelift Ideas for Builder Grade Bathrooms ALL Under $120

I'd like to share some bathroom face-lift projects we tackled a few months ago. EACH can be done in...


repurposed handy dandy bird seed scooper duper, gardening, repurposing upcycling, Cut the bottom off a pop soda bottle I used a serrated knife to start a hole and scissors to finish it off

Repurposed Handy Dandy Bird Seed Scooper Duper

Good news: I am no longer a klutz when filling the bird feeders.This is a simple idea but it sure...

recycled salad container into a bird feeder

Recycled Salad Container Into a Bird Feeder

Upcycling and recreating everyday items can be fun for kids! This summer, don't throw out your fast...

new life for an old farm door, doors, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

New Life for an Old Farm Door

Antique Farm Door Turned Garden Art/Now Bird Nest

how to make a purse planter, container gardening, flowers, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

How to Make a Purse Planter

It's so easy to make a planter out of a thrifted tote bag or purse. I made a couple of these a few...

fancy red planter made from free two drawer metal filing cabinet, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Fancy Red Planter Made From Free Two Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet

I picked this two drawer metal filing cabinet up from road side throw out just round the corner to...

vintage wagon repurposed all over again, Geraniums Impatience Vintage Wagon

VINTAGE WAGON Repurposed All Over Again

I am a Estate Sale Shopper - and proud of it This little vintage wagon is still one of my favorite...


easy to make a marimekko bench using paper napkins, decoupage, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Easy to Make a Marimekko Bench Using Paper Napkins

You can easily transform an old garden bench and give it that designer look using paper napkins. ...

old coffee table to new porch bench, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, shabby chic, All the fabric came from a single drop cloth Easy to remove for washing

Old Coffee Table to New Porch Bench

A thrifted coffee table got a shabby chic make over with the use of a drop cloth. Durable and...

re purposed bed to garden porch bench, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Garden Porch Bench

Re-purposed bed to garden/porch bench.

It is not hard to make a bench from an old bed head & foot board. Finding the right one to make it...

my new diy potting bench, diy, gardening, how to, outdoor living, woodworking projects, love my potting bench

My "New" Diy Potting Bench

I have been doing so much potting and planting and no place to work from- my back patio was a mess!...

10 charming seating areas from the garden charmers, gardening, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, pallet, 10 Charming Seating Areas

10 Charming Seating Areas From The Garden Charmers

The ladies in my Facebook group called the Garden Charmers have collaborated to share their favorite...

tired old bench, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, Ta Dah

Tired Old Bench

I bought this bench in my local supermarket 12 years ago.
The weather and the dampness of the area


what can you do with a plastic bag and spray paint, crafts, painting

What Can You Do With a Plastic Bag and Spray Paint?

I acquired more (free) pots today. I just cannot pass up a perfectly good pot just because it is...

mix chalk paint and wax together to age terracotta pots

Mix Chalk Paint and Wax Together to Age Terracotta Pots

Using a mixture of chalk paint and wax, I gave my flower pots an aged patina. I was inspired to age...

how to save dehydrate

How to Save & Dehydrate

Summer comes to a quick close in September. Here are some helpful tips I learned from dear farmer...

french inspired terra cotta flower pots, crafts, decoupage, flowers, gardening, I used my DIY Aged Terra Cotta Pots the tutorial for aging terra cotta is on the blog on a post here on Hometalk

French Inspired Terra Cotta Flower Pots!

This is a super easy way to add a pretty grapic to your terra cotta flower pots! Great for indoor...

grow garlic in a container, container gardening, gardening, Growing garlic in a container is as easy as it gets

Grow Garlic in a Container

We've recently moved into a new home with no backyard. While we are still putting in the landscape,...

Make Over

styling a garden fence makeover, fences, flowers, gardening

Styling a Garden Fence Makeover

This was a quick little project I created to add interest & style to a small townhouse garden on a...

constructing a cool mailbox from a pallet for under 13, pallet projects, Our New Mailbox built from a pallet and a few pieces of scrap lumber

Constructing A Cool Mailbox From A Pallet - For Under $13!

We needed a mailbox for the farm – and wanted it to match the barn and surroundings. After looking...

my teensy little front porch, porches, Inspiration Pillow For the Color Scheme of the Porch

My Teensy Little Front Porch...

My dog Ryley and I are loving our favorite spot in the cottage this summer. The color scheme was...

quick mailbox address with some character

Quick Mailbox Address With Some Character

I saw this in one of the Hometalk Slideshows and decided it was time. I didn't want decals on my...

mailbox makeover

Mailbox Makeover

My Mailbox was in need of a makeover….really bad. I stripped off the numbers and sanded it down...

diy mailbox makeover

DIY Mailbox Makeover

This is the story of an old, sad mailbox remade into a pretty copper and white beauty. Our mailbox...


diy dog treat jars, crafts, how to, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

DIY Dog Treat Jars

I wanted to create something to store dog treats in that would work well not only as storage, but...

american flag mason jars, crafts, how to, mason jars, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

American Flag Mason Jars

Red, white and blue mason jars painted as an American flag can be a perfect addition to patriotic...

diy rolling jar storage, diy, how to, organizing, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DiY Rolling Jar Storage

In order to achieve the goal of pristine countertops set forth in Space Hacker: DiY Slide-Out...

very sturdy but cute hose guards

Very Sturdy But Cute Hose Guards

When I pull my hoses around a corner, invariably it drags right through my flowers and rips some...

a wall of shelves using store bought shelf organizers

A Wall of Shelves Using Store-bought Shelf Organizers

The builder who built my house finished the entire basement. While it's nice and one huge room, it...


my blue stenciled table when a little stenciling is not enough, painted furniture, My blue uber Stenciled Table I call it Festooned

My Blue Stenciled Table. When a little Stenciling is not enough

This is my Blue Stenciled Table. I decided to cover every possible surface with stencil and this is...

how to draw on your walls with marker, crafts, paint colors, wall decor

How to Draw on your Walls with Marker

A few months back Vintage Revivals posted about how she made a DIY Sharpie Wallpaper and I had to...

painted furniture chair hand painting floral, painted furniture, reupholster

Painted Poppy Chair With SK

Exacting every ounce of creativity from a woeful old chair. Give her new clothes and updated...

indian inlay stenciled tabletop, home decor, painted furniture, Final photos of the Indian Inlay Stenciled Table

Indian Inlay Stenciled Tabletop

Learn how one blogger created this amazingly intricate table top design with our Indian Inlay...

how to stencil drapes, crafts, painting, hanging in my room

How to Stencil Drapes

I saved a bunch of $$ by stenciling some Ikea drapes & dressed 3 windows in my bedroom for $75....

diy painted and stenciled linoleum floor, diy, flooring, how to, painting, I love how it turned out I love that it adds a soft whimsical element to the otherwise modern space

DIY Painted and Stenciled Linoleum Floor

We've put so much work into making our kitchen a space we can really enjoy but there was one major...


shaker bottle fruit fly trap, pest control, repurposing upcycling, A cute label completes the trap

Shaker Bottle Fruit Fly Trap

Use an empty shaker bottle to create a fruit fly trap. Those pesky fruit flies can't resist the...

cement step repair get your curb appeal back in one day, concrete masonry, curb appeal, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to

Cement Step Repair: Get Your Curb Appeal Back in One Day!

After a long cold winter we had to repair our cement steps. I'm guessing you might have to do this,...

all natural bug spray recipe, gardening, pest control

All Natural Bug Spray Recipe

I'm one of those people who mosquitoes seem to love - but their bites don't love me! I get huge, red...

a living roof for our garden shed made from wedding doors, gardening, outdoor living, roofing

A Living Roof for Our Garden Shed Made From Wedding Doors

We upcycled three doors into a wedding backdrop for our grand daughter. THEN we used the doors to...

diy ant trap and pesticide powder, pest control

DIY Ant Trap and Pesticide Powder

Now that I understand the potential for harsh chemicals to do harm to myself and my family, I...

material of the week insulation kits

Material of the Week: Insulation Kits

Winter is in full swing, and while our spirits are high, temps are low! If you’ve already made your...


a simple hexagon tile hack, bathroom ideas, how to, tiling

A Simple Hexagon Tile Hack

I fell in love with hexagon tile when we were building our house over four years ago. I loved the...

creative small bathroom remodel with slate and glass tile, bathroom ideas, diy, home improvement, small bathroom ideas, tiling

Creative Small Bathroom Remodel With Slate and Glass Tile

Our project house was a mess when we first moved in. An exciting mess. Exciting because there was...

warning still under construction

Warning (Still) Under Construction

Hello again! we finally took the next step in completing our walk in closet. We decided on a tile...

how to make a old tile grout look brand new, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, crafts, diy, tiling, Bathroom after the Grout Shield Color Seal

How to Make a Old Tile Grout Look Brand New

This is a Bathroom that will be transformed with the grout shield color seal

peel n stick luxury vinyl tile floors

Peel N' Stick Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

We weren’t initially planning on putting down a new floor, since the existing one was in really...

bathroom makeover with subway tile wainscoting before after

Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

My husband and I have spent the past several years remodeling our little house in the country. The...


easy diy from ladder to super storage

From Ladder to Super Storage

Sometimes you really just need some extra storage. This easy DIY not only turns a ladder into super...

diy necklace holder, crafts

DIY Necklace holder

All you need is floor samples, wood glue, and screws and you can have a industrial chic necklace...

succulent gardening, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling, succulents, Now

Succulent Gardening

I am in love with succulents. Thought I would share my version of the succulent grill. The first...

how to camouflage an ugly well pipe, landscape, fire pit, How do you camouflage an ugly well pipe Cut out the bottom of an old milk can and place it over top Easy

How to camouflage an ugly well pipe

Milk can .... sawzall ....Ta Da!

upcycled repurposed ladder bathroom shelf diy, bathroom ideas, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, storage ideas

Upcycled/ Repurposed Ladder | Bathroom Shelf DIY

Upcycled Ladder | Bathroom organization DIY
If you are anything like me, than you are likely on a