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decks gate tutorial, decks, diy, fences, how to, woodworking projects

DIY Deck Gate Tutorial

I’ve got 3 kids, and 3 dogs, 1 of each currently falls in the “less than 2 years old” category, and...

diy dog fence, fences

DIY Dog Fence

A climbing Jack Russell was a big problem at our house until I built my own custom fence.
It was

backyard firepit

Backyard Firepit

My friend bought a new home a couple years ago and today she put in her backyard firepit. She wanted...

how to make a concrete fire pit

How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit

This article will show you how to make a fire pit for under $50

diy pallet bridge

DIY Pallet Bridge

Our foot trail crosses a small creek which made it unusable parts of the year. A few pallets,...

wood fence upgrade, diy, fences, home improvement, outdoor living, woodworking projects

Wood Fence Upgrade

Last year we happily removed the old chain link fence in our backyard and replaced it with brand new...


how to make a semi natural evergreen wreath, crafts, gardening, wreaths

How to Make a Semi-Natural Evergreen Wreath

Can you BELIEVE that before photo was hiding underneath that beautiful wreath? Love the look of...

glitter filled glass ornaments tutorial, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Glitter Filled Glass Ornaments

Glitter Filled Glass Ornaments (tutorial)

Want to make gorgeous Christmas ornaments with the glitter on the mess, but so pretty....

driftwood christmas trees, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor, white coastal christmas

driftwood christmas trees

dreaming of a simple natural white christmas with driftwood trees i made and handstamped gift tags.

christmas mantel, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Christmas Mantel

My Christmas mantel follows my Santa's Belt theme, coordinating with my tree. I've used garland...

pom pom trim christmas tree, christmas decorations, crafts, home decor, seasonal holiday decor

Pom Pom Trim Christmas Tree

A fun and whimsical Christmas Tree made from mini pom pom trim.

deck the halls pallet art for christmas, christmas decorations, pallet, seasonal holiday decor

Deck The Halls - Pallet Art for Christmas

I made this pallet art as part of my Christmas decor. Click the link below if you want to see how I...


use olive oil to clean 5 household items

Use Olive Oil to Clean 5 Household Items.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are always a favorite in my household. Why? I have young children and...

how to prevent frost in your freezer, appliances, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, how to

How to Prevent Frost in Your Freezer

Freezers accumulate frost because the cold air pulls moisture out of the foods you are freezing....

make your own dishwasher tabs, appliances, cleaning tips, go green

Make Your Own Dishwasher Tabs

In an effort to rid my home of as many chemicals as possible, I have been making as many of my own...

how to clean the microwave three easy ways, appliances, cleaning tips

How to Clean the Microwave {Three Easy Ways}

Easily clean your microwave with these three easy green cleaners.
Water and Vinegar
Water and

how to clean a keurig

How to Clean a Keurig

Whether you love or hate the Keurig Coffee Maker, it’s still one of my favorite and most used...

how to clean your garbage disposal, cleaning tips, how to

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

So with all the recipe testing we do in our kitchen, we are bound to make quite a mess and have some...


how to remove dried paint from clothing

How to Remove Dried Paint From Clothing

If you are a DIYer, you probably have some clothing with dried paint on them. Here's how to remove...

ok it may be possible that i may be the only one but i don t think so

Where Are My Keys ? NO MORE! $15 Solution

Ok.. It may be possible that I may be the only one… BUT I don't think so. I hate seeing keys on a...

we have just one new years resolution for 2018

We Have Just One New Years Resolution for 2018...

Thank you for a year of inspiring, encouraging, sharing and creating together with us on Hometalk!...

quickly remove heat stains from wood

Quickly Remove Heat Stains From Wood!

You’ve seen them before. White splotchy heat stains that cover what used to be perfectly pristine...

6 quick fix facelift ideas for builder grade bathrooms all under 100

6 Quick Fix-Facelift Ideas for Builder Grade Bathrooms ALL Under $120

I'd like to share some bathroom face-lift projects we tackled a few months ago. EACH can be done in...


vintage wagon repurposed all over again, Geraniums Impatience Vintage Wagon

VINTAGE WAGON Repurposed All Over Again

I am a Estate Sale Shopper - and proud of it This little vintage wagon is still one of my favorite...

potted hanging wind chime, container gardening, crafts, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Potted Hanging Wind Chime

I wanted a wind chime for my outdoor space. I also wanted to use items on hand . Most of the time...

teacup mosaic mini garden

Mosaic Teacup Planter

I went to an estate sale, found these beautiful teacups and plates and paid $5 for all. I didn't...

new life for an old farm door, doors, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

New Life for an Old Farm Door

Antique Farm Door Turned Garden Art/Now Bird Nest

wooden salad bowl to succulent garden, chalk paint, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling, succulents

Wooden Salad Bowl To Succulent Garden

I love to junk and one thing I see over and over is wooden salad bowls. When I scored this beauty...

uses for pottery, gardening, Forgot to add the rest of the family

uses for pottery

Leftover pots and grandaughters old bike become a place to keep garden supplies. Not as fancy as the...


how you can make this awesome 5 garden potting stand, diy, gardening, how to, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

How You Can Make This Awesome $5 Garden Potting Stand!

After my peanut and I made a terrible, dirty mess all over my dining room table planting seeds, I...

my new diy potting bench, diy, gardening, how to, outdoor living, woodworking projects, love my potting bench

My "New" Diy Potting Bench

I have been doing so much potting and planting and no place to work from- my back patio was a mess!...

inexpensive diy corner bench, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, woodworking projects

EASY $20 Corner Bench

Need Seating for your outdoor space? I sure did. Ok so I am the queen of repurposing and salvaging...

diy pet memorial photo bench, decoupage, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, woodworking projects, Completed pet memorial bench

DIY Pet Memorial Photo Bench

Build a Pet Memorial Bench that incorporates your pet's photo. Easy weekend project.

easy to make a marimekko bench using paper napkins, decoupage, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Easy to Make a Marimekko Bench Using Paper Napkins

You can easily transform an old garden bench and give it that designer look using paper napkins. ...

re purposed bed to garden porch bench, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Garden Porch Bench

Re-purposed bed to garden/porch bench.

It is not hard to make a bench from an old bed head & foot board. Finding the right one to make it...


how to prune feed mint in pots to promote growth

How To Prune & Feed Mint In Pots To Promote Growth

This is all about how to prune and feed mint in pots (or in the garden) to promote the new growth...

decoupaged terra cotta pots, container gardening, crafts, decoupage, gardening, home decor, how to

Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Spring isn't coming very soon this year so I try to add happy colors to my home decor so at least I...

mint wonderful mint how to care for plant this fragrant herb see, gardening, how to, outdoor living

Mint Wonderful Mint: How To Care For & Plant This Fragrant Herb - See

By Nell @JoyUsgarden
I love pretty much any herb. I do a lot of cooking and have a raised bed of

harvesting and preserving herbs, gardening, Bunch drying hang tied bunches of herbs upside down on an indoor clothesline pegs nails or drying rack in a dark and dry location

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs

If you have herbs growing like crazy but just can’t use them fast enough, you are not alone! Try...

how to age plastic faux terra cotta flower pots, crafts, gardening, how to

How to "Age" Plastic Faux Terra Cotta Flower Pots

Do you like the look of aged, real terra cotta flower pots? So do I but I don't have the patience to...

diy brush stroke pots, container gardening, crafts, flowers, gardening, how to

DIY Brush Stroke Pots

My kitchen window in front of my sink needed a little brightening up. I've seen "brush stroke" type...

Make Over

quick mailbox address with some character

Quick Mailbox Address With Some Character

I saw this in one of the Hometalk Slideshows and decided it was time. I didn't want decals on my...

mailbox makeover

Mailbox Makeover

My Mailbox was in need of a makeover….really bad. I stripped off the numbers and sanded it down...

diy mail holders

DIY Mail Holders

Anyone who knows me knows that I love repurposing crap into beautiful, usable things. One day I...

how to build paint and install a custom diy mailbox

How to Build, Paint, and Install a Custom DIY Mailbox

Imagine you saw this weather-beaten, decaying mailbox post, leaning over in one last honorable...

quick easy mailbox makeover, curb appeal, diy, Vinyl monogram decal via etsy added for a little extra charm We are so happy with our new mailbox

Quick & Easy Mailbox Makeover

A few weekends ago, I decided I was tired of looking at our sad, pitiful, little mailbox! I went to...

mailbox makeover

Mailbox Makeover

When we bought our house, the mailbox was on its last leg....literally!


diy garden hose storage, gardening, landscape, organizing, outdoor living, storage ideas

DIY Garden Hose Storage

It's the 4th month of our Home Depot Gift Challenge, where several other bloggers and I all take the...

diy rolling jar storage, diy, how to, organizing, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DiY Rolling Jar Storage

In order to achieve the goal of pristine countertops set forth in Space Hacker: DiY Slide-Out...

underground ez access hose storage for 10, 8 Tub bucket with hose hole cutout

Underground EZ Access Hose Storage for Less Than $10

The size of your garden is limited by the length of your hose. Mine was destined to grow from 50'...

a wall of shelves using store bought shelf organizers

A Wall of Shelves Using Store-bought Shelf Organizers

The builder who built my house finished the entire basement. While it's nice and one huge room, it...

easy organizer with mason jars and scrap wood

Easy Organizer With Mason Jars and Scrap Wood

We can never have enough organizers! Especially something that uses mason jars! I came up with a fun...


goodbye carpet hello stenciled floor with annie sloan chalk paint, bedroom ideas, chalk paint, flooring, painting, completed stenciled floor

Goodbye Carpet, Hello Stenciled Floor With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We removed our dirty stained carpet and painted the existing concrete sub floor with a stencil and...

how to draw on your walls with marker, crafts, paint colors, wall decor

How to Draw on your Walls with Marker

A few months back Vintage Revivals posted about how she made a DIY Sharpie Wallpaper and I had to...

ottoman makeover vintage diy tribal, painted furniture, reupholster

80's Fabric Ottoman Makeover: From Mauve Monster to Terrific Tribal!

My mom dropped off (um, dumped??) an old 1980s mauve ottoman at my house because "you like to...

diy painted and stenciled linoleum floor, diy, flooring, how to, painting, I love how it turned out I love that it adds a soft whimsical element to the otherwise modern space

DIY Painted and Stenciled Linoleum Floor

We've put so much work into making our kitchen a space we can really enjoy but there was one major...

painted dandelion wall graphic tutorial, painting

Painted Dandelion Wall Graphic Tutorial #WallCandy

I know some of you may be intimidated by painting something graphic on your walls. But, I'm hoping...


upcycled denim draught excluders door and window , crafts, doors, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Denim Draught Excluders (door and Window)

Keep your home warm with these fun upcycled jeans draught excluders. The cheesy puns will also make...

a living roof for our garden shed made from wedding doors, gardening, outdoor living, roofing

A Living Roof for Our Garden Shed Made From Wedding Doors

We upcycled three doors into a wedding backdrop for our grand daughter. THEN we used the doors to...

cement step repair get your curb appeal back in one day, concrete masonry, curb appeal, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to

Cement Step Repair: Get Your Curb Appeal Back in One Day!

After a long cold winter we had to repair our cement steps. I'm guessing you might have to do this,...

i made a draft guard for a door with recycled materials

I Made a Draft Guard for a Door With Recycled Materials

I desperately needed a draft guard for the door to our cold storage room. The room maintains...

how to weatherproof your vinyl or wood screen door

How to Weatherproof Your Vinyl or Wood Screen Door

I've always loved the old fashioned screen doors. And the home improvement stores have a nice...

funky colourful draught excluder, crafts, doors

Funky Colourful Draught Excluder

Do you live in an old draughty house like mine. Then keep the cold air at bay with this fun...


painting hardwood floors to look like moroccan tile, Mosaic stencil tile in the entryway

Painting Hardwood Floors to Look Like Moroccan Tile

I've seen painted floors online and thought they were so creative. Why not paint- if you already...

fix cracked and missing tile grout, cleaning tips, tiling

Fix Cracked and Missing Tile Grout

I have been living in my apartment for years now, and there is a huge chunk of missing grout between...

maximizing bathroom space, architecture, bathroom ideas, flooring, home improvement, tiling

Maximizing Bathroom Space

We've shown a number of our bathroom renos on Hometalk but the one we're showing you today is my...

creative small bathroom remodel with slate and glass tile, bathroom ideas, diy, home improvement, small bathroom ideas, tiling

Creative Small Bathroom Remodel With Slate and Glass Tile

Our project house was a mess when we first moved in. An exciting mess. Exciting because there was...

bathroom makeover with subway tile wainscoting before after

Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

My husband and I have spent the past several years remodeling our little house in the country. The...

how to lay cement tile flooring

How to Lay Cement Tile Flooring

Here's our in depth tutorial on how to lay cement tile flooring!


fire pit table top, decks, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, Convert your square fit pit into an outdoor table with a removable top See the details here

Fire pit Table Top

Convert your square fit pit into an outdoor table with a removable top. See the details here....

repurposed upcycled license plate clipboards, repurposing upcycling, It s better to use stiffer license plates that aren t as easy to bend so the tension from the clips won t bend the metal on their own

Repurposed/Upcycled License Plate Clipboards

This is the second round of license plate clipboards I've put together so far. I got a hold of two...

dragonfly from a table leg and ceiling fan blades, crafts

Dragonfly from a table leg and ceiling fan blades.

I took and orphaned table leg and the blades from a ceiling fan and made a dragonfly

easy and inexpensive christmas decorations from sheet music, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Easy to make and inexpensive sheet music decorations for Christmas

Easy and Inexpensive...Christmas Decorations From Sheet Music

A $1.00 book of sheet music from the thrift store and a few inexpensive supplies helped me to create...

giving an old bunk bed ladder new life showyourgreen, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, storage ideas

Giving an Old Bunk Bed Ladder New Life

I took a $1 garage sale bunk bed ladder and transformed it with a cheery fresh shade of green --...

entry transformation with ladders, foyer, home decor, woodworking projects, Finished entry

Entry Transformation With Ladders

My tired and boring entry way of the new (to us) home needed help and character. I used some old...