DIY Planter Ideas

Ready to get started on building your first planter box? Will you be planting vegetables, plants, or flowers? We are here to get you on the right path with tips, tricks, and ideas to consider as you plan your very own DIY planter. Take advantage of our compilation of top, best, and new projects, as well as our DIY video tutorials.

How to Build a Planter
Step 1: Measure and cut your wood
A medium-length container is usually 26 x 13” but the final size also depends on the plants to grow. Cedar and pine are suitable wood choices.
Step 2: Assemble your side panels
Each 26" wood panel should meet with the corner of the 13" panel.
Step 3: Secure assembled panels
Add a thin line of wood glue down the side and place the panels flush against each other. Then secure them with nails.
Step 4: Attach your bottom panels
Attach three panels to the bottom to form a base, using the same method. Ensure you leave a gap between each panel for drainage.
Step 5: Sand your box
Using sandpaper, smooth the box. Pay special attention to the corners and areas with joiners.
Top DIY Projects for Building Planters

Here are our top projects for building your own planters. Have a look.

DIY Planter Building Videos

Check out DIY video tutorials that will teach you to build your very own planter.

How to Make Gorgeous Popsicle Stick Decorations for Your Home

When you’re a child, you’re always crafting. Even the simplest bits and pieces that you find around the house are turned into clumsy but colorful works of art but, as we get older, we tend to lose some of that limitless imagination.Unless we choose not to! For me, there’s something magical about making adorable accessories out of the odds and ends I find lying around, and popsicle sticks are a prime example. Coming in supremely handy when you feel your creative juices stirring, here are just a few of the ways you can create popsicle stick decorations for on-trend additions to your interior.

How to Fill a Whiskey Barrel With Flowers - Level Up

Last month, I made a whiskey barrel planter with birdhouse accents. I wanted to change things up a bit and I had been buying lots of flowers lately so why not “level up” my planter?

How To Use a Yoga Ball To Make a Concrete Sphere-Planter

Large sphere molds can be very difficult to find. At History Stones we sell 10", 12" and 15" diameter molds. We often receive requests for larger spheres, so we decided to use a yoga ball as a mold and share this project!

Create a Stunning DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Hanging Planter

Looking to fill your home with flowers, but not interested in having to water them every day? This tutorial was made for you. In five quick and easy steps you can have a beautiful DIY hanging planter that nobody would ever guess was full of faux flowers! All you need to do is stop by the Dollar Tree and pick up a few basic items, and your home will be a floral paradise in no time.

New Planter Building Projects

New projects in the world of planter building. Stay on top of trends here.

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