A Collection of Troll Dolls

Succulent-filled troll dolls bring a magical element into any garden, and look cute doing it. Get tutorial here

A Hollowed Out Tree

A hollowed out tree lined with holes and filled with soil is the perfect spot for cascading blooms. Get tutorial here

A Thrifted Green Cabinet

This triangle shaped cabinet would look whimsical enough in the house, but add flowers and it's show-stopper. Get tutorial here

A Pair of High Heel Planters

A worn-out pair of pumps becomes a wild planter, perfect for dressing up a dull desk. Get tutorial here

A Jewel-Toned Dresser

When a vintage sewing cabinet gets a color this bold, there's no knowing what will happen next. Get tutorial here

A Rainbow Row of Cans

Upcycled cans are about as low-cost as you can get, and these ones are packed with color. Get tutorial here

A Set of Drawers

A pair of old, ordinary drawers got a wake up call, with bright paint and delicate flowers. Get tutorial here

A Repurposed Paint Bucket

It's even got authentic paint drips down the sides to highlight the vibrant purple flowers! Get tutorial here

A Vintage Chicken Feeder

Packed with colorful succulents, this table topper is an instant heart-warmer. Get tutorial here